NEW @ the U

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The University of Guelph aims to provide both a supportive and welcoming environment to its new staff.  We take pride in the talented employees we attract to the University of Guelph and are committed to ensuring they get the best possible start we can give them.  NEW stands for New Employee Welcome and that is the primary objective of NEW @ the U, an initiative by Human Resources.

Through the coordination of various sessions, activities and services we will help new employees develop a connection to the University of Guelph’s unique culture and way of doing things whilst providing important information, insight and skills that will help them feel more comfortable and be productive more quickly in their jobs.

NEW @ the U complements new employee orientation initiatives which may currently be housed at the departmental level. It begins with a one day session called NEW Days which is followed up by a full series of activities and sessions over an employee’s first year, ensuring that those who are “New to the U” feel a part of the University.

NEW Days

NEW Days are the kick-off to the NEW @ the U program at the University of Guelph.  One day at the beginning of each month of the year (excluding January, April, July, August and December) has been dedicated to welcoming and connecting new employees to the University environment and giving them a positive start.  Various activities and representatives from across campus will share perspectives and important information that will introduce the new employee to university governance, culture, history, facilities and services. Required training elements from A.O.D.A. (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) and EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) will also be included.

The program is targeted to new employees who are regular, full-time or part-time staff or full-time with an appointment of greater than 6 months.  However, any employee that can benefit is welcome to register. Learn more about NEW Days.

Creating Connections

Creating Connections is a series of workshops, information sessions and activities offered over the year that have been designed to connect employees who are new to University of Guelph to the physical campus, to the history, culture and spirit of the University, and to other members of the University community.  Information and insights will be shared by various University contributors that introduce you to a plethora of services and activities that can enhance the quality of your working life here at the University of Guelph.

The sessions are coordinated by HR Learning & Development and are aimed at new employees, but are also open to anyone who thinks they can benefit from creating connections. Learn more about Creating Connections.