Injury and Illness

The University believes its employees are an integral part of the community. The following outlines the employee’s responsibilities and processes during a short term absence, a workplace injury and during long term disability. Following the processes outlined below will ensure continuation of benefits and will promote safe and timely re-entry into the workplace.  

Short Term Absences

  • Contact your supervisor/manager to inform them of your absence.
  • You are required to provide a medical note after an absence of 5 days to Occupational Health and Wellness either by fax at 519-780-1796 or email.
  • The medical note should encompass the following information:
    1. the general nature of the illness or injury
    2. certification that the employee is under the direct care of the regulated health professional providing the medical information and the date(s) seen in relation to the current absence
    3. confirmation that the employee is unable to work; or, is able to work with medical restrictions, along with specific restrictions and expected duration
    4. confirmation that the employee is following the recommended treatment plan
    5. expected return to work or reassessment date
  • Additional information regarding short term absences for USW members

Workplace Injury

  • If you are injured or ill due to a workplace incident, your first priority is to seek appropriate medical attention (e.g. first aid stations, family doctor, walk-in clinic or emergency room). In the event of a Guelph campus medical emergency, call Campus Community Police at either 519-824-4120 ext. 52000 or 519-840-5000 from any on campus phone. For all other locations call your local emergency service at 911.  
  • Report all work-related incidents, illnesses and injuries immediately to your supervisor. You and your supervisor must complete the Illness or Injury Incident Report and submit it to Occupational Health and Wellness by fax 519-780-1796 or email within 24 hours.

Should you require health care, please obtain an injury package from your supervisor/manager. The package will include a Functional Abilities Form (FAF), a letter to the employee and a letter to your health care practitioner outlining specific requirements.  Documents will need to be completed by a physician or regulated healthcare practitioner. Your capabilities, restrictions, duration of restrictions, and physician’s signature must be indicated on the FAF. Please ensure the FAF is completed and returned to Occupational Health and Wellness by fax 519-780-1796 or email before your next workday.

  • In the event you seek medical attention following the initial incident, please notify your supervisor/manager.
  • Modified/accommodated work is available, if recommended by your health care provider (as will be documented on the FAF). Occupational Health and Wellness will work with you and your supervisor to determine appropriate modified duties for the recommended duration of your limitations.
  • If you miss a work day during your return to work, contact your supervisor/manager immediately to advise of your absence. You will need to submit additional medical documentation supporting the necessary absence.
  • If you are off work please remain in contact with Occupational Health and Wellness and your supervisor to receive updated information regarding your abilities and limitations. Regularly updated FAFs will also be requested.

Long Term Disability

  • Upon completion of a medically substantiated short term disability (STD) absence (90 calendar days), you may be eligible to receive Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits and will be provided with an application package by from Occupational Health and Wellness. It is important that you complete and submit the required paperwork in a timely fashion to avoid any interruptions in your pay should your claim be approved. If you require assistance or have any questions related to the process, please contact Occupational Health and Wellness by phone at 519-824-4120 ext. 52647 or email.

Accommodations at Work

The University of Guelph is committed to the implementation of early intervention for those employees' with disabilities upon their entering the University's workforce and employees who experience occupational and non-occupational illness or disability while in the workforce. There are three accommodation partnership programs developed to promote a collaborative approch in assisting employees to enter the workforce, remain at work, or return to work in an early and safe manner:

If you require modified work please forward your supporting medical documentation to Occupational Health and Wellness by fax 519-780-1796 or email.  You may also call the Rehabilitation Specialist to discuss opportunities at 519-824-4120 ext. 54283.