Sharing and exploring DNA-derived biodiversity data on - for workshop participants

Can we work on or show your data at the workshop, please ? J

At the workshop we would like to show your data.

Send us your data before the conference, and we will try to include it in the workshop. Relevant types of data:

  • “OTU table”-style data: amplicons/OTUs/ASVs detected across some samples. As a minimum we need: 
    • The OTU table (species/site matrix) – read counts of some OTUs across some samples
    • The sequences – preferably 16S, ITS or COI data
    • Some sample metadata – at least: latitude, longitude and time
    • (Formatting of the above is less important as long as we can understand it)
  • A link to a dataset in the above format (maybe in a publication) if already published.
  • A fasta file with amplicons of 16S, ITS or CO1 sequences
  • BioProject/Biosample number of some raw sequences that you have deposited in SRQ/ENA
  • References/links to your data on BOLD, UNITE
  • Accession numbers of your sequence data (barcoding of specimens …or OTUs) on NCBI or ENA
  • Doi of datasets in GBIF (even if it is not sequence data)


Send your data or questions to Tobias Guldberg Frøslev ( and/or Thomas Stjernegaard Jeppesen ( before the conference.