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Ackerman, Josef - Professor (Profile)
(Marine and Freshwater Ecology, Physical Ecology of benthic invertebrates (mussels) and plants)
ackerman@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 2468 Ext.: 58268

Adamowicz, Sarah - Assistant Professor, Biodiversity Institute of Ontario (Profile)
(Biodiversity, Evolution, Evolutionary Community Ecology, Arctic, Aquatic Invertebrates)
sadamowi@uoguelph.ca Office: Centre for Biodiversity Genomics (CBG) Room 113 Ext.: 53055


Ballantyne, James - Professor (Profile)
(Comparative Physiology - molluscs, fish; Adaptational Physiology; Membrane Physiology)
jballant@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 3465 Ext.: 52708

Bernier, Nicholas - Professor (Profile)
(Physiology and Molecular Neuroendocrinology)
nbernier@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 3467 Ext.: 56093

Bogart, Jim - Professor Emeritus (Profile)
(Herpetology, Evolution, Cytogenetics, Ethology, Molecular Biology)
jbogart@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 3509 Ext.: 58728

Boulding, Elizabeth - Professor (Profile)
(Marine Ecology, Molecular Ecology, Conservation Ecology)
boulding@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 1464 Ext.: 54961


Caruso, Christina - Associate Professor (Profile)
(Ecological genetics and evolutionary ecology of wild plant populations)
carusoc@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 1471 Ext.: 52030

Cottenie, Karl - Associate Professor (Profile)
(Community Ecology, Metacommunity Dynamics, Freshwater Ecosystems, Biostatistics, Synthesis)
cottenie@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 2470 Ext.: 52554

Crawford, Stephen - Associate Professor (Profile)
(Fisheries Ecology, Science in Resource Management, Indigenous-Science Knowledge Systems)
scrawfor@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 2474 Ext.: 53544

Crease, Teresa - Professor (Profile)
(Molecular Evolution, Population Genetics)
tcrease@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 1455 Ext.: 52723


Danzmann, Roy - Professor (Profile)
(Evolutionary, Developmental and Physiological Genetics)
rdanzman@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 1460 Ext.: 58364


Ferguson, Moira - Professor (Profile)
(Fish Evolutionary Genetics)
mmfergus@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 1457 Ext.: 52726

Fryxell, John - Professor and Chair of the Department (Profile)
(Mammalian Ecology, Foraging Behaviour, Population Dynamics, Modelling, Terrestrial)
jfryxell@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 2461 Ext.: 53630

Fu, Jinzhong - Associate Professor (Profile)
(Molecular Systematics, Herpetology, Evolutionary Genetics)
jfu@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 1458 Ext.: 52715

Fudge, Douglas - Associate Professor (Profile)
(Comparative Animal Biomechanics, Cell and Protein Mechanics)
dfudge@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 3470 Ext.: 56418


Gillis, Todd - Associate Professor (Profile)
(Cardiac Physiology, Protein Biochemistry, Environmental Physiology, Muscle Mechanics)
tgillis@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 3471 Ext.: 58786

Gregory, T. Ryan - Associate Professor (Profile)
(Biodiversity, Cytogenetics, Evolution, Genome biology)
rgregory@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 1450 Ext.: 58053

Griswold, Cortland - Assistant Professor (Profile)
(Evolutionary theory, Theoretical population and evolutionary genetics)
cgriswol@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 1474 Ext.: 56240


Hajibabaei, Mehrdad - Associate Professor, Biodiversity Institute of Ontario (Profile)
(DNA Barcoding, Molecular Biodiversity, Molecular Ecology, Phylogenetics, Genomics, Bioinformatics)
mhajibab@uoguelph.ca Office:Centre for Biodiversity Genomics (CBG) Rm. 108 Ext.: 52487

Hanner, Robert - Associate Professor (Profile)
(Biodiversity, DNA Barcoding, Evolution, Ichthyology, Molecular Authentication of Foods, Molecular Biosurveillance & Molecular Diagnostics)
rhanner@uoguelph.ca Office: Centre for Biodiversity Genomics (CBG) Rm. 222 Ext.: 53479

Hebert, Paul - Professor (Profile)
(DNA Barcoding, Evolution, Phylogeny, Breeding Systems, Aquatic, Zooplankton, Crustaceans)
phebert@uoguelph.ca Office: Centre for Biodiversity Genomics (CBG) Rm. 107 Ext.: 56250

Heyland, Andreas - Associate Professor (Profile)
(Development, Evolution, Functional Genomics, Larval Ecology, Life History)
aheyland@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 1468 Ext.: 56459

Husband, Brian - Professor and Associate Dean (Academic) (Profile) (Reproduction, Ecology, and Genetics of Plant Populations, Plant Conservation, Wild Plants)
bhusband@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 1469, 1477 Ext.: 54790


Jacobs, Shoshanah - Assistant Professor (Profile)
sjacob04@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 2447 Ext.: 58096


Laberge, Frederic - Associate Professor (Profile)
(Neurobiology of behaviour, Olfaction, Learning)
flaberge@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 1465 Ext.: 56238

Larson, Douglas - Professor Emeritus

Linquist, Stefan - Adjunct Professor (Profile)
(philosophy of ecology, genomics, evolution, psychology)
linquist@uoguelph.ca Office: Mackinnon 358


MacDougall, Andrew - Associate Professor (Profile)
(Plant Community Ecology, Population Ecology, Global Environmental Change, Conservation Biology)
amacdo02@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 2459 Ext.: 56570

Maherali, Hafiz - Associate Professor (Profile)
(Evolutionary Physiology, Comparative Plant Ecology, Functional Ecology, Global Change Biology)
maherali@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 1472 Ext.: 52767

McAdam, Andrew - Associate Professor (Profile)
(Ecological genetics, species interactions, evolutionary ecology, field ecology, life history)
amcadam@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 2457 Ext.: 56826

McCann, Kevin - Professor (Profile)
(Food web Ecology, Ecosystem/Community Ecology, Aquatic Ecology, Theortical Ecology, Fisheries)
ksmccann@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 2472 Ext.: 56861

McLaughlin, Robert - Associate Professor (Profile)
(Behavioural Ecology, Fisheries Management)
rlmclaug@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 2456 Ext.: 53620


Newman, Amy - Assistant Professor (Profile)
newman01@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 1467 Ext.: 56595

Newmaster, Steven - Professor (Profile)
(Plant diversity, medicinal plants and DNA identification systems.)
snewmast@uoguelph.ca Office: CBG 208 Ext.: 56002

Norris, Ryan - Associate Professor (Profile)
(Population and Behavioural Ecology, Migration, Avian Ecology, Stable Isotopes)
rnorris@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 2451 Ext.: 56300

Nudds, Tom - Professor Emeritus (Profile)
(Avian Ecology, Community Ecology, Landscape Ecology, Conservation Biology)
tnudds@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 3510 Ext.: 53074


Robinson, Beren - Associate Professor (Profile)
(Adaptive Evolution, Ecology of Natural Selection)
berenrob@uoguelph.ca Office: SCIE 2455 Ext.: 58968


Smith, Alex - Associate Professor (Profile)
(Biodiversity, Molecular Ecology, phylogenetic community structure, taxonomy, DNA barcoding)
salex@uoguelph.ca Office: SCIE 2464 Ext.: 52007


Thomas, Vernon - Associate Professor Emeritus
vthomas@uoguelph.ca Office: SCIE 3511 Ext.: 52738

Turetsky, Merritt - Associate Professor (Profile)
(Ecosystem Ecology, Northern Ecosystem Ecology, Climate Change)
mrt@uoguelph.ca Office: SCIE 2469 Ext.: 56166


Van Der Kraak, Glen - Professor and Associate Dean Research (Profile)
(Fish Physiology, Reproductive Toxicology, Endocrinology)
gvanderk@uoguelph.ca Office: SCIE 3477 Ext.: 53424


Woo, Patrick - University Professor Emeritus (Profile)
pwoo@uoguelph.ca Office: SSC 3508 Ext.: 53581

Wright, Pat - Professor (Profile)
(Fish and Amphibian Physiology, Fish Development, Nitrogen Metabolism)
patwrigh@uoguelph.ca Office: SCIE 3468 Ext.: 52719

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