Sam Majoros

Graduate Student, MSc
Adamowicz Lab

I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph with a double major in Wildlife Biology and Conservation and Theatre Studies.

 My master's research focuses on Arctic biodiversity and predicting the future shifts in Arctic species composition caused by climate change. First, I aim to discover the relationship between biological traits and successful dispersal rates. I then aim to discover which biological traits are more associated with Arctic species. I plan to use these traits, dispersal rates, and temperature and climatic data to develop a predictive model that will tell us whether a species will be found in a given geographic region, and can be used to predict what kinds of species are more likely to colonize the Arctic in the future. The goal is to develop workflows and a predictive model that can be applied across various taxa.

I'm very interested in Arctic ecology and Bioinformatics, and also have an interest in science education and communication.