University of Guelph R Users (UGRU) Group Meeting

Date and Time


Science Complex Rm 3317


Are you in the habit of saving manuscripts or r scripts by putting dates at the end of the file name, only to be told that more edits are required so that you need to change the file name many more times (and now you have many many files and don't know what they are anymore). Do you need to collaborate with other people to do analyses? Do you want to publish your r scripts for your papers but don't know how?

This week's R User Group session will address all of these questions.

We will be exploring how to use Git and GitHub. Git is a powerful version control program and GitHub is a website for collaboration and publishing code. Specifically, we will learn the basic concepts of Git and then how to use Git and GitHub with RStudio.

Before coming to the session please download and install Git and please register for GitHub. This should take you 5 mins to do both. Both Git and GitHub are free to use.

The tutorial will follow the instructions here.

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