Samantha Shaw-McDonald

photo of Samantha Shaw
Graduate Student, MSc
SSC 2460
Fryxell Lab

I am interested in the dynamics within populations and between species in a landscape such as with predator-prey systems, behavioural ecology, and particularly with human-wildlife relationships. Working with the Fryxell Lab, I will be researching the effects of harvesting on the vital rates of wildlife populations, and the interactions between anthropogenic and ecological stressors in a species' environment.

During my undergrad, I completed my senior research project with the Ontario Invasive Plant Council on community invasive species management strategies and understanding how humans influence the spread of invasive plants in Ontario. From work with various ENGOs I have assisted in the field research of various species including northern saw-whet owls, salmonids, hummingbirds, little brown myotis and songbirds to gather data regarding population recovery, migration behaviours and the spread of diseases and pollutants across landscapes. With the OMNRF I have worked with province-wide granting programs to promote landowner stewardship and community research with the Incentives and Agreements Unit, as well as with Fisheries Policy Section analyzing recreational angler data and fish harvesting efforts across the province.

  • BSc Honours - Environmental & Resource Science, Trent University – 2015
  • Technical Diploma- Ecosystem Management Technician, Sir Sandford Fleming College – 2013