Kristen Bill

photo of Kristen Bill
Graduate Student, MSc
SSC 2453
Turetsky Lab
After graduating from my B.Sc. in environmental science, I worked in Dr. Merritt Turetsky’s Ecosystem Analysis lab as a field technician. We focused on researching a chronosequence of post-fire forest regeneration in taiga plains of the Northwest Territories. These data will help assess the quantity of organic carbon stored, tree and plant regeneration, and lichen community recovery for caribou foraging. 
As a young scientist I am curious about landscape scale issues caused by anthropogenic influences in forest ecology. I’m interested in tackling problems that will result in policy changes and integrate a wide range of scientific disciplines. 
This summer field season was a prelude to my Master’s research, which will focus on connecting large-scale abiotic and biotic changes in the Northwest Territories. I will investigate permafrost thaw and its consequences for caribou foraging by assessing lichen community quantity and quality. This project will closely work with local indigenous knowledge as they provide crucial information about the history of the land and caribou health.