Lisa Robertson

Lisa Robertson
Teaching Support Instructor
Phone number: 
SSC 3508

I joined the Department of Integrative Biology in September 2017 as a Teaching Support Instructor and Coordinator. Before joining Integrative Biology I was a contract-limited Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the OVC from 2013-2017.

During graduate school and my Post Doctoral Fellowship I studied the involvement of neuropeptides in the physiological functioning of peripheral tissues in an invertebrate model, the African migratory locust. I was particularly interested in understanding the roles that neuropeptides play in locust digestion, ion and water balance, and energy mobilization and utilization.

  • HBSc. 2003 University of Toronto Mississauga Forensic Science & Biology
  • MSc. 2005 University of Toronto Department of Zoology
  • PhD. 2012 University of Toronto Department of Cell & Systems Biology


  • BIOL*1070 Discovering Biodiversity (Course Coordinator)


  • BIOM*3040 Medical Embryology (Instructor; Course Coordinator)
  • BIOM*3000 Functional Mammalian Neuroanatomy (Instructor; Course Coordinator)
  • VETM*3120 Veterinary Histology & General Pathology (Histology Instructor; Course Coordinator)
  • VETM*3390 Veterinary Developmental Biology (Embryology Instructor; Course Co-Coordinator)