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International Pollination Initiatives

CANPOLIN - Candian Pollination Initiative (link)

NAAPC - North American Pollinator Protection Agency (link)

International Pollination Initiative: an International Initiative for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Pollinators (also known as the International Pollinator Initiative - IPI) was established in 2000 (link)

STEP - Status and Trends of European Pollinators: an EU funded project. One of the main goals of STEP is to inform the society and the policy makers on the risks associated with pollinators' loss and to offer measures to mitigate them (link)


Iowa State University Pollination Symposium 2007 (link)

Tool for assessing value of pollination services and national vulnerabilities to pollinator declines
FAO's Plant Production and Protection Division, in collaboration with INRA (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, a national government agency) has developed a tool for assessing the value of pollination services and national vulnerabilities to pollinator declines. Guidelines explaining the use of the tool, and a downloadable spreadsheet for applying the assessment, are available on the "Documents" page of AGP's Global Action on Pollination Services for Sustainable Agriculture website (http://www.internationalpollinatorsinitiative.org/)
The spreadsheet also presents as examples the analysis of the vulnerability of the national economies of Ghana and Nepal, using 2005 FAOSTAT data. The economic value of pollinators in Ghana - with a high dependence of its economy on cocoa production which in turn is 90% dependent on insect pollinators for yields - was estimated at $788 million dollars; the economic value of pollinators to the Nepal economy in 2005 was $81 million.