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Membership Form 2010 (WORD)

ICPPR Statutes (Accepted as of September 7, 2009) (PDF)

ICPPR Internal Regulations (Accepted as of September 7, 2009) (PDF)

ICPPR 2008 Symposium Archives: Hazards of pesticides to bees (PDF)

ICPPR 2004 Bees and Pesticides: Abstracts from First European Conference of Apidology, Udine (19-23 September 2004) (PDF)

International Proceedings from the 9th in Iowa: (link)

Ingrid H Williams. 2003. The Convention on Biological Diversity adopts the International Pollinator Initiative. Bee World 84(1): 27–31 (PDF)

ICPPR Business Meeting Minutes, Cholula, Mexico, 2011 (PDF)

SNEI-Crop Pollination Workshop Minutes, Cholula, Mexico, 2011 (PDF)


Interesting Documents

Agence Francaise de Sécurité Sanitaire des Alimants (AFSSA website) Report "Weakening, collapse and mortality of bee colonies", November 2008 (PDF)

International Risk Governance Council (IRGC). 2009. Concept Note: Risk governance of pollination services (PDF)