Hub Incubator Program FAQ


Can there be non-University of Guelph members on my team?

Yes, as long as there is at least one co-founder who is a full-time U of G student OR a U of G alumnus.

Can University of Guelph alumni apply?

Yes, U of G alumni are eligible so long as they are a co-founder.

Do I have to repay the grant?

No, this is grant and not a loan. We ask that you spend the money responsibly and best utilize it to grow your enterprise. We do check to ensure the money is spent appropriately.

Do I need to have an enterprise or an idea for an enterprise in order to apply for the Hub?

Yes. Students or alumni must have a well-thought out, but unproven new venture idea.

How do I apply for the Hub?

Hub Applications for January 2022 Intake are open and will be reviewed the the last week of November/Start of December

Applications will close on: Friday, November 19th at 11:59pm

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How does the Hub work?

The Hub helps students and alumni with an existing enterprise or an idea for an enterprise progress through the initial stages of a start-up, specifically the discovery and validation stages. Participants will utilize their time at the Hub discovering whether or not their enterprise is solving a meaningful problem and validating their enterprise by gauging interest through the exchange of money or attention from their target market.

Is the Hub only available to University of Guelph students?

No, the Hub is also available to co-founders who are U of G alumni. For students, there must be at least one co-founder who is a full-time UofG student in order to qualify for the Hub.

What happens if my enterprise isn't successful?

Unfortunately, a high percentage of start-ups fail. If you tried valiantly and worked hard, we will completely understand. You learn from your failures and become better prepared for future opportunities.

Where is the Hub located?

The Hub is located on the University of Guelph campus, in the J.D. MacLachlan building.