John F. Wood Centre Ambassador Program

Passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation, ideation, and teamwork?

Group Discussion

The John F. Wood Centre is looking for 10 ambassadors to support our team in a variety of ways!

Applicants must be able to honour a one year commitment. This is a volunteer position.

This program provides students with an opportunity to create powerful impact for their peers and members of the local community. Some of the soft skills you will practice while being an Ambassador include leadership, communication, ideation, and collaboration. We will work with you to develop a personalized role that aligns with your passions and objectives - so we can ensure you get what you'd like out of the program!

Examples of your personalized role could be: Event Ambassador, MakerSpace Ambassasdor, Prototype Ambassador, Content & Communication Ambassador, etc...The opportunites are endless. Hit the 'Apply Now' button so we can talk about your role!

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The Role

In addition to the fun tasks associated with your personalized role, Wood Centre Ambassadors will help with the following general tasks!

  • Market Research

    Connect Wood Centre staff to the entrepreneurship-related interests, challenges, and opportunities that are unique to U of G students. Help us to know what students want from us!

  • Provide Outreach

    Provide outreach, on behalf of the Wood Centre, to students across the university in an effort to increase engagement and excitement about entrepreneurship!

  • Marketing Promotion

    Assist in the promotion of the Wood Centre's events and programming - campus-wide and beyond!

  • Events

    Attend a variety of the Wood Centre's exciting entrepreneurial events. Learn, network, and often enjoy free food! What's not to like about that?

Who You Are

  • A Change Maker

    You have a natural tendency to create change around you!

  • A Creative Thinker

    You find creative solutions to difficult problems.

  • Dedicated & Passionate

    You're reliable and are excited about entrepreneurship!

  • Interest in Entrepreneurship

    You're curious about entrepreneurial thinking!

  • Passionate about Self-Growth and Development

    You have an appetite for learning and self-development. You can always learn more!

  • Community-oriented

    You love to be part of a community and a (fun!) team environment.

  • Impactful

    You desire to make an impact - locally, nationally, or even globally!

The Why

  • Create Lasting Change

    This is your chance to be a change maker!

  • In-Depth Learning

    Without a doubt, you'll learn more about entrepreneurship, and about yourself!

  • Workshops

    Participate in and/or facilitate workshops with the team to help everyone learn and develop their skillsets! We never want to stop learning.

  • Join a Community

    Be a part of a passionate team that works together to make an impact on students, the community, and the world at large!

  • Skill Building

    Improve your communication and teamwork skills. We love to collaborate and bounce ideas off of each other in a fun and safe environment!

  • Network

    Meet entrepreneurs, like-minded students, faculty, staff, community members, and others!

  • Get Social

    Enjoy regular events and team socials (usually involving snacks)!