Eamonn McGuinty Selected for the 2015 Allison Kane Prize

Posted on Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Written by Kailey Maclachlan

Congratulations goes out to Eamonn McGuinty on being selected as the 2015 recipient of the Allison Kane Memorial Entrepreneurial Prize in the amount of $1,000.

The scholarship was established in memory of Allison Marie Kane, a former University of Guelph student who was a well-respected leader in her community, who had a vibrant personality and expressed her entrepreneurial spirit by returning to her family business after graduation. The Allison Kane Memorial Entrepreneurial Prize is presented to the student who has completed CBaSE’s Business Consulting Course, and who demonstrates the highest level of commitment to community-based entrepreneurship. Eamonn truly speaks to all in which the honorarium stands for.

McGuinty will be graduating this month with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Food and Agricultural business. Throughout his university career he has strived to not only make a presence but also make a difference by taking part in multiple extra-curricular and entrepreneurial activities. Some of these activities include being a Co-Captain for JDC Central, helping develop a Sustainable Agriculture Kit (SAKs) with a team of professors and students from the University of Guelph, and working with a group of high-performing students on a project in the CBaSE Business Consulting Course.

Recently, McGuinty had the opportunity to present on SAKs at the Global Health and Innovation Conference at Yale University. He is working with Associate Professor, Manish Raizada, from the Department of Plant Agriculture to commercialize and distribute the kits for rural and hill-side farmers in Nepal. McGuinty received a two-year grant for his project from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), where he says his role is to bridge the gap between international development, the private sector and social entrepreneurship. This research also contributes to the completion of his graduate studies which Eamonn began shortly after finishing his undergraduate degree.

In his final semester, McGuinty completed the CBaSE Business Consulting course where he worked with a social enterprise, A Work of Heart, that sells artistic works for sustainable projects in marginalized communities in Kenya. Although he had a full course load in his final semester, he took on the project as an additional credit because he was passionate about the project and wanted to make a difference in the community and abroad. McGuinty also noted that he decided to take a path that will make him a better person and a sounder entrepreneur who cares about people, profits and the planet.

Eamonn acknowledged CBaSE for the incredible opportunity to challenge himself inside and outside of the classroom, ‘My passion for community involvement comes from my past and current experiences, largely due to the University of Guelph's support. Without the fantastic support of this institution, more specifically the support from CBaSE, I would not be where I am today’. He also attributes his recent international work in the global enterprise and entrepreneurship field to CBaSE's positive influence on the community and the push it makes for social entrepreneurship.

McGuinty will use his experiences from the University of Guelph and his passion for the agriculture and the agri-food industry to pursue his dream of working internationally where he will continue to demonstrate his commitment to community-based entrepreneurial activities. CBaSE is extremely proud to present this year’s Allison Kane Memorial Prize to Eamonn and wish him well in all future endeavors!

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