Perception VS. Reality

Posted on Saturday, February 6th, 2016

Written by Kat Nyman

“The consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife. You insult her intelligence if you assume that a mere slogan and a few vapid adjectives will persuade her to buy anything. She wants all the information you can give her.” Sound advice from “The Father of Advertising” David Ogilvy implying that it is perception that drives the buy-sell reaction!

What is Perception in this context?

Answer: Perception meaning “aesthetic quality…interpretation or impression based on one’s understanding of something” (Oxford Canadian Dictionary).

Ensuring that your business or idea is being perceived in the best way possible is an important aspect of marketing. Everything from the logo, to the colours that represent your business, to the way you pitch your business idea to hopeful investors in a boardroom, or how well you verbally convey your idea in an elevator, the photographs associated with your business, and your website etc., all set the stage for onlookers in how they perceive your brand, your product, business, and overall vision.

As an entrepreneur it is in your best interest to manage the perception of your business.

So what is Perception Management and what could be considered manipulation?

Firstly –manipulation is when you manufacture something that is not needed by people, while also manufacturing a psychological need in their minds.

On the contrary:

  • Managing the perception of your business = providing an opportunity for people to communicate a need as well as how they want to fulfill this need via a product or service and:

  • Ensuring that what you put out there in terms of the vocabulary you use to express your product or service, the photographs that illustrate your overall message, and everything you put out there for people to see and learn about your product or service falls in line with the true integrity of your company and over all vision!

Therefore: your idea or product will be perceived in a way that benefits your business and your goals with your business!

For more information on perception management, here is a great read:

Organizational Perception Management by Kimberly D. Elsbach, and guess what? It’s AVAILABLE at the University of Guelph Library!

Info on this read:

  • Outlines as well as categorizes the information in order to demonstrate an intelligible understanding of the term Organizational Perception Management and what that entails

  • Contextually the book uses real-world examples, so it’s relevant to our time!

  • The book and its information derives from empirical research, and therefore, it includes qualitative field research, case studies, and statistics to ensure a successful demonstration of the application of Organizational Perception Management

Although many entrepreneurs, such as myself, may be in early and beginning stages of product or idea development, it is never too early to understand the power of perception!

Your business is always on display! So developing these aspects of your marketing program will empower your brand message and overall vision to every single person you communicate your business to! The best way to ensure your brand and vision is being perceived in the best way, is to put effort into developing your marketing plan.

Without it, you may inhibit the potential of your business!

Until next time, sparkle and shine, but embrace the rust!

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