Cohort Five of The Hub Graduates!

Posted on Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Written by Andrew Nixon

In August 2016, four startups emerged from the Hub Incubator far different from when they entered four months prior.

From week to week, these teams met their challenges head on and used the strength of the group to help each other persevere through the difficult times. It was an absolute pleasure to watch each team grow and the progress they made between beginning the Hub and graduation was superb. We wish these startups all the best on the next steps in their journey and leave you with their comments on their time in the Hub:

The Youth Circus Project


“It's not easy to start a scalable business from scratch - there are so many items to figure out and decide. The Hub provided an excellent learning environment in which to investigate and understand the framework that ensures success in new businesses. Rather than plugging away in isolation, with dreams of creating the perfect product, the Hub program requires participants to leave the building, and create their product with direct and constant input from paying customers. The result is that the business is built with a constant sense of grounding - our success is almost assured because the products that we create aren't what we want, or what we think are good ideas - they're what our customers want. And at the end of the day, you're not in business for yourself - you're in business to satisfy a need or want from your customers.”

The Youth Circus Project aims change the world by using circus arts to celebrate and expand our potential as human beings. Using a wide variety of workshops and services, the Youth Circus Project is building a model of education for our youth based on empowerment and the celebration of each student’s own unique potential.

Milestones achieved: Expanded staff and clientele, increased sales, developed and implemented new services, built new relationships with key stakeholders.

Pulse Passions

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"Our experience at CBaSE taught us the hard business skills needed for success and connected us to industry professionals who provided mentorship and stimulated entrepreneurial thought"

Pulse Passion is a Canadian company that creates quality products made with pulses, with a complimentary app to help consumers shop smarter.

Milestones achieved: Beta-tested their app MyPulsePlus, validated their food product lineup.

Salus Innvoations


“Thank you for all your help that you provided our team at CBaSE. We truly believe that we have grown not only as a team but also as individuals. Success in a company is not fully defined by your achievements and accomplishments but more so by your story and the journey that got you there from the very beginning. The Hub, CBaSE, and Innovation Guelph were there from the very beginning and each person gave us the guidance that we needed to achieve the success that we have. But we're not done yet. We plan to continue to work with these programs and their sophisticated network of mentors to continue that journey that we started when we first entered CBaSE. We have come a very long way in a very shot amount of time, and for many of us it was an experience that made us better entrepreneurs. Thanks again for all your help.”

Salus Innovations' mission is to improve the quality of everyday life for each of our customers by developing technologies that promote optimal health.

Milestones achieved: Prototyped two different production models, built new relationships with key partners, validated business model and minimum viable product.

The Advocacy Project

“The Hub Incubator program has provided us with a framework to apply theoretical knowledge to our business venture in an encouraging and engaging manner with other startups. Together, we watched each other advance in our practice areas, making leaps and bounds over a short four-month stint. Knowing there is continued support available through Innovation Guelph moving forward is exciting; we are well-supported with a strong network of experts walking with us on our path to success.”

The Advocacy Project is an Ontario-based company that provides accessibility coaching services to secondary school students with disabilities to assist their transition to post-secondary education.

Milestones achieved: validated business model and minimum viable product, developed curriculum and begun implementation, built key partnerships with new stakeholders.

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