CBaSE at OCE Discovery 2017

Posted on Friday, June 16th, 2017

Written by Azra Usanovic

CBaSE staff Erin Doherty and John Lam represented CBaSE at OCE Discovery 2017. OCE Discovery is an annual event where innovation leaders and partners meet to display the work they have produced in the past year. As an innovation incubator hub, CBaSE was there to further strengthen its connections and explore some of the projects that have been developed over the year.

Over this two day span they saw many great examples of sustainable products. John even had the experience of trying a sample of “lightly salted crickets”. Crickets are a great example of one of the sustainability focused products that were on display at OCE Discovery this year. These little critters are high in protein, calcium, amino acids, and omega fatty acids. In addition, they also have a reduced ecological footprint. The production of an equivalent quantity (by weight) of traditional meat products, can create 10-100 times more greenhouse gas emissions, and utilize up to 12 times more water.

CBaSE was well represented at the conference! Three of the startups who have participated in our Hub Incubator program had booths, some info has been provided below:

Candy Cutlery

Candy Cutlery’s mission is to change the way that we eat. The company seeks to address the vast quantities of plastic and wooden utensils that are thrown away every year. Their candied cutlery is 100% edible meaning there is no waste to throw away after using. It is also amazing that the specially formulated candy does not stick to your fingers, meaning that there is no messy cleanup afterwards!

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Welo is a startup that operates in the health and nutrition field. They aim to create products that are delicious but also exceptional for your body and health! In addition to this they also aim to address issues that people face worldwide. Specifically they work to provide clean fresh drinking water in Kenyan communities. Talk about having a positive impact!

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Salus Innovations is a startup that addresses mobility issues in the medical field. It was founded by a group of engineering graduates who were seeking to create an exomuscular device that will helped patients achieve a normal walking cycle. Their passion is to develop innovative solutions that allow people to surpass their limitations.

It was truly amazing to see so many great ideas and organizations working towards developing the economy and growing business in Ontario. We are looking forward to attending again in 2018!

The OCE, or Ontario Centers of Excellence, is focused on the development of Ontario’s economy. They work with industry to commercialize innovation that is being developed in publicly funded entities such as Universities and Colleges across the province. The OCE is a member of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs and helps the government to reach their goals on innovation and economic growth.

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