Meet Cohort Seven of The Hub Incubator Program

Posted on Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

Written by Azra Usanovic

As we reach the halfway point in the Hub programming for Cohort Seven, we are thrilled to see how far each team has come. It seems so recent that the clients were meeting each other and the Hub manager, John Lam. Over the course of these past weeks the clients have come to know John, each other, and each other’s products or services. They have all done incredibly well thus far and have had many successes, but let us take a moment to pause and profile our clients.

Easy Talk English

Easy Talk English is an English curriculum service founded by Lucy Ding. This service aims to improve the quality of English tutoring for Chinese families living in China. Lucy identified the lack of oral English training and consistent quality in teachers and curriculum and has developed a goal based verbal English curriculum, focusing on quality teacher student relationships, to solve the problem. With a huge market to tap into and a service that is in high demand, we see big things coming Lucy’s way!

Flying Colours Foods Ltd.

Christine Ho is the founder of Flying Colours Foods Ltd. Flying Colours Foods aims to ensure better nutrition through delicious and healthy spreads. Currently there are two product lines in production, a chocolate hazelnut spread with lutein and goji berries and a walnut caramel spread with omega 3 DHA. Christine’s spreads are dairy-free, gluten free and sweetened naturally with dates (which are packed full of nutrients like fibre, potassium, & iron). They taste so good you might just forget how good they are for you!



Infusables was founded by David Weaver. David’s goal is to make medical cannabis oil easier for patients to take, by creating cannabis-oil ready beverages. In order to take the prescribed dosage, medical marijuana users are subjected to an experience akin to drinking a spoonful of vegetable oil. As one can imagine that is not the most enjoyable experience! David is developing a product by which cannabis oil can be consumed in a water-soluble format in the form of a delicious beverage. His first product is a hot chocolate mix, but he has big plans to develop a range of exciting products!

WaterFarmers Aquaponics

Garrett Tribble and Evan Bell are the team behind WaterFarmers. WaterFarmers works to design and build turnkey urban agriculture solutions. Aquaponics allow for the production of both plants and fish in the same system while only using 10% of the water that traditional agriculture requires. Waterfarmers strives to lead a societal shift towards food by focusing on regions with limited food production capacity, ensuring that every system can operate as a successful and productive venture. They aim to empower communities, capitalize on educational opportunities, and use scientific research to maximize their productivity.

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Tuf Candy Inc.

Tuf Candy Inc. is backed by a team of three innovative students: Liyan Cai, Yanling Chen, and Daniel Van Acker. Inspired by the wastefulness of wooden and plastic spoons traditionally used to serve dessert, the founders set out to craft an environmentally friendly and delicious solution – a candy spoon that is entirely edible and doesn’t stick to your hands! The team is making big waves in the market and has won multiple awards for their work.

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Just one example of the great learning experiences these clients have had, happened during a group activity in the first week. Our clients were split into two teams and underwent a group decision making exercise. The goal was to encourage the clients to ask questions and seek more information.

None did; but all learned.

This perfectly illustrates one of the foundations of entrepreneurial thinking, which is failing forward. The exercise showed these young entrepreneurs that failure and mistakes are not always negative and that there is always a lesson to be learned. In this case the entrepreneurs learned that always seeking out information beyond that which they are given can yield big benefits. The rest of the term will consist of many similar lessons that mimic the common entrepreneurial challenges, and hence provide our clients with the guidance to overcome their own startup obstacles!

Cohort Seven has proven to be dedicated and hardworking and we at CBaSE are thrilled to see their success thus far and are looking forward to seeing each client graduate from the Hub this fall!

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