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Posted on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

Written by Ethan Sweeney

CBaSE is looking for three students from three different Colleges to form an interdisciplinary team that will work on an innovative applied project focused on starting a new enterprise.

The inaugural challenge will task the team with working with the City of Guelph to create a solution that can be used to help run numerous “smart city” solutions.

Mesh networks are networks of wireless routers that have the potential to not only improve city services but can also address a wide range of environmental and social goals. Examples include:

  • Improving city services by providing real-time parking information or improving transit by giving buses intersection priority

  • Reducing environmental impacts through smart water meter reading or by creating sensors for measuring air pollutants

  • Addressing social goals by supplying low cost “community” wifi, or creating community-owned message boards.

You will work with the City of Guelph over 4 months to refine the challenge and design and test potential solutions. You will explore different business models, consider different legal structures (for profit, co-operative, social enterprise) and receive funding, training, and mentorship.

Any students interested in businesses with a social or environmental purpose are strongly encouraged to apply.

CBaSE will provide to the team:

  • Up to $8000 in team funding

  • Entrepreneurship and social innovation training and mentorship

  • Advice from local businesses, community organizations and other experts

Project Details:

  • The team will participate in the Hub Entrepreneurship Program, with additional weekly mentorship in social innovation and community engagement provided by the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute. (First session is held Sept 13.)

  • One place on the team will be held for a student from CSAHS, one for a student from CBE, and the third place will be open to students from all Colleges.

  • The team will decide how to allocate funds. A maximum of $6K can be used to support each team member’s participation ($2K per student, to cover living costs and other expenses that would otherwise preclude their participation). Remaining funds must be used to cover project / business related costs.

  • Each student is expected to commit 10-15 hours per week during the Fall semester.

  • The team will meet regularly with City of Guelph staff to provide updates and review prototype ideas.

  • Applicants are not required to have a technical understanding of mesh networks (or any other technology).

Application Instructions:

Apply by August 25, 2017

Please send your applications to with the following:

  • Resume

  • 1 paragraph stating your interest in the project

  • 1 paragraph stating why you are a good fit for the project

Ideal Candidates:

  • Have professional experience in their field of study (through paid work, courses or volunteering)

  • Are capable of working cohesively in a team

  • Have demonstrated experience delivering results for clients or community-partners

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