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Posted on Friday, December 1st, 2017

Written by Nathan Davidson

Hey Gryphons,

It’s Nathan, from CBaSE! In this post, I am going to briefly explain my experience with entrepreneurship at Guelph and how I see future entrepreneurial implications in my endeavors throughout the years to come.


Background & CBaSE Involvement

Entrepreneurship came naturally to me when I was growing up. Even through the multiple landscaping and lawn care businesses I began when I was young, I quickly gained basic experience in marketing, providing adequate customer service, and listening to my customers. I have since always had an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for business, as I see the hard work as an exciting game.

I decided to become a part of CBaSE because of its culture, expression of creativity, and the opportunity to gain experiential and practical knowledge from a business standpoint. In my final year at the University of Guelph, I am performing as a UOG Peer Helper for CBaSE, which involves a more specific role of being a facilitator of ambassadors alongside my colleague and friend Jacob Elliot. After recruiting five ambassadors to represent CBaSE, we are currently thriving and becoming more organized, while developing a more comprehensible idea of who we are. From this experience, I have learned skills in leadership, have been pushed out of my comfort zone, have become more academically organized, and have learned a great deal from entrepreneurs’ shared experience. I feel that the most important takeaway I have learned is that when developing a service as a team, culture and communication are key factors to success.


Entrepreneurship Outside of CBaSE

The university has an increasing amount of experiential learning opportunities and I highly recommend that students take advantage of them. One of the courses I am currently enrolled in is called Food Product Development (MGMT*4020) and is a two semester course that mixes business students and food science students into a group to development their own products. Takeaways I have experienced include opportunity identification, product creation, concept research, marketing strategies, product packaging, presentation pitches, and the actual creation of the product. For those looking to get more out of their education, this course truly gives students the full entrepreneurship experience and provides mentorship from big-time food developers who are currently, or were previously, involved in the food business industry. My group is currently creating a stress-relief beverage product in the form of a powdered mix.

As well, this semester, I have been directing the events for the Entrepreneurship Society (UOGES). While a small group that is still growing, the UOGES has provided me with experience of advertising and structuralizing their events. I have learned from CBaSE so far that having adequate structure and organization is critical to the success of any service or product. An unprepared team or company will end up performing in a similar manner to how Target did when they expanded into Canada.  They were extremely unorganized and unprepared, and thus failed.


Future entrepreneurship

Next semester, April, Ethan, Jacob, and I hope to continue building the CBaSE ambassador program and would like to begin recruiting ambassadors for the 2018-2019 school year. As well, I plan on applying for the consulting course offered by CBaSE, as I love that it would give me actual experience working with real companies, while allowing me to apply my own knowledge and expertise. This should provide me with useful skills that could benefit me as an entrepreneur in the future.

With the beverage product that I am currently developing, I plan on pitching it to CBaSE’s Hub Incubator to try and turn the product into a business. This would provide me with the opportunity to become an entrepreneur next year and would hopefully teach me how to properly run a business while providing me with priceless resources.

If anyone would like to go for a coffee to discuss any of these topics in more detail, feel free to contact me on LinkedIn.


Thank you for listening!

Nathaniel Davidson

Marketing Management

University of Guelph

Peer Helper

Facilitator of Ambassadors for CBaSE

Director of Events for the UOG Entrepreneurship Society

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