Gryphons Become Entrepreneurs to Fund Entrepreneurs

Posted on Thursday, February 15th, 2018

W18 Micro-Tyco Challenge Participants

What can a Guelph student get with a loonie? A few things – two cookies or extra cheese at the Bullring, a beer at Trappers on Thursdays, or ten photocopies at the Library.

What can a Guelph student get, though, with a loonie and a great idea? A kick started career, mentorship from famous business leaders, and a global impact.


You see, the University of Guelph is part of a program called Micro-Tyco®. And we’re not the only ones – so far, 40,000 people from 21 countries have participated in the challenge. Micro-Tyco teams get one dollar and one month to turn it into as much money as possible. It’s an exceptional opportunity to try out all of the methods of entrepreneurship in a safe and supported setting. Micro-Tyco teams get education from globally recognized entrepreneurs and hands-on assistance from UofG’s own Centre for Business and Student Enterprise (CBaSE).

The Impact

They also get to support other entrepreneurs around the world. All of the profits from Micro-Tyco projects go to the WildHearts Group’s microfinance initiatives to help poor women access credit and lift themselves and their families out of poverty. Since 75% of women in the world have no access to banking, this makes a huge difference. As WildHearts Group puts it; Micro-Tyco participants “become entrepreneurs to fund entrepreneurs.”

In true Gryphon spirit, Micro-Tyco improves life.

Enjoy Life – Improve Life

Gryphon spirit is a big driver behind one of this year’s Micro-Tyco projects. Murtaza Bahrainwala and Matthew Buhagiar have teamed up to plan a hockey game where Engineering and Commerce students will face off. The pair hopes to raise over $10,000 for WildHearts microloans while fostering teamwork and cross-campus connections. You need to see this March 2 game and you can buy tickets at the EngSoc office or on Eventbrite – get them before they’re gone and get your face paint on!

If thinking about your face paint design has gotten you in an artistic frame of mind, one of UofG’s other Micro-Tyco teams has you covered. Relive Graphics, founded by Matt McCoy and Mike Sutton, has colouring books available for preorder now. The books feature remarkable women from history so you can celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 by colouring, learning, and following #MyInternationalWomensDay. Remember, the profits from your purchase will go to women entrepreneurs around the world.

Take Part

If Mycro-Tyco is piquing your interest, keep an eye on it! Follow @CBaSE_UoG on Twitter and @CBaSEgetreal on Facebook for regular updates through February. If you have a great idea, talk to our friends at CBaSE to participate in Mycro-Tyco next time. With a dollar (and a lot of heart) Gryphons are unstoppable.

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