The CBaSE A-Code-Amy

Posted on Friday, May 4th, 2018

Written by Jacob Elliot

It seems like just yesterday the Ambassador team found ourselves working with a talented group of computer science students to put together A-Code-Amy in efforts to bring together the gryphon community with the common goal of learning some new skills in Python – does time ever fly!

Reflecting on it now, there’s so much to learn from interdisciplinary cooperation, I figured I’d write about it. The fact of the matter is everyone is good at something – everyone can learn something new, and all it takes is some initiative to get the ball rolling. With CBaSE A-Code-Amy, we did just that.

The idea was brought forth by one of the CBaSE Ambassadors, and immediately we started to work towards its execution. The plan was simple, convince a few computer science students to put on a workshop to teach business students a skillset they can later continue developing on their own to impress employers in their job search and it quickly snowballed into so much more. With the backing from CBaSE, and three dedicated technical hands we delivered a 3-hour long Python boot camp complete with “next steps” for those who wished to continue learning.

We saw representation from colleges across the campus, and even from the greater community – everyone had a ton of fun and to this day I get the occasional “when is the next workshop!?”. I made lasting friendships with all of those involved, and I certainly believe cooperative opportunities like this will be a defining piece in my memories at the University of Guelph! We could all benefit from taking a few steps outside of our bubble here and there, you might as well do it with some interesting individuals from another field.

That’s about all from me for now, thanks for reading!


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