Meet Cohort 11!

Posted on Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

Written by Jasmine Dament

Group picture of Cohort 11
Top row (L to R): Blake Smith, Phil Brunet, Chloe Quilliam, Laura Frielingsdorf, Kash Kuruppu, Austin Bruch, Sam Dharmasena. Bottom row (L to R): Tyler Zemlak, Jakki Prince, Cas Knihnisky, Kiran Bains. Missing: Luke Climenhage, Ashley-Ann Rutherford.

Cohort 11 of our Hub Incubator program has been working hard this semester to further develop their business ideas, build prototypes, gain customer discovery, and more! We are very proud of all of their accomplishments and are excited to celebrate each of the businesses at our Hub Startup Showcase on December 5th, 2018. To learn more about the event and to register, please visit our registration page!

Keep scrolling to learn the idea behind and meet the founder(s) of each of our Cohort 11 Startups!

Blake Smith, founder of Bcuddly.

Bcuddly is a handmade, Canada-based dog brand that is an alternative in retail stores and online. All products are made in Guelph, Ontario including: customizable dog beds with interchangeable covers, bandanas, bowties, and placemats. They also make up-cycled dog beds made out of dog owners old jeans! These beds help dogs cope with separation anxiety.
Check them out on Instagram: @bcuddly_ or at!


Kash Kuruppu and Phil Brunet, co-founders of Capitol Diagnostic Informatics.

Capitol Diagnostic Informatics
As a leader in veterinary analytics, CDI believes that veterinarians should spend more time taking care of animals and less time crunching data. There is a lot of information to be considered before veterinarians can make a decision regarding animal health and we make it easy for them to understand and see their data.
Check them out:!


Cas Knihnisky, founder of Merit Badge.

Merit Badge
Merit Badge is a small, adventurous doughnut company that seeks to reward the citizens of Guelph for their hard work. The doughnuts are small-batch, plant-based, and are comprised of 90% organic ingredients. Merit Badge provides wholesale or catering to local business and consumers.
Check them out on Instagram: @meritbadgedoughnuts or at!


Chloe Quilliam, co-founder of Soydoms (missing: Ashley-Ann Rutherford, co-founder of Soydoms).

Soydoms is working to create a liquid solution that can be used for condom manufacturing to create a fully functional soy-based condom that can be brought to market. Soydoms will replace the latex solution currently used for manufacturing most condoms.


Austin Bruch, co-founder of A9 Lighting (missing: Luke Climenhage, co-founder of A9 Lighting).

A9 Lighting
A9 Lighting is creating an intra-canopy lighting solution that will help increase the production of vegetables by providing supplemental lighting in the winter, on overcast days, and even at night.
Check them out on Facebook: A9 – Special Agricultural Services

Laura Frielingsdorf and Kiran Bains, consultants with the Seed Guelph on the Upcycle Kitchen project.

The Upcycle Kitchen
The Upcycle Kitchen is a little bit different than the other Hub businesses as it is part of the Hub Sandbox. Students in the Upcycle Kitchen are focused on "intrapreneurship", working with the SEED Community Food Project to tackle food waste and improve food security in our region.
Learn more about the Sandbox:

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