Meet the F19 Hub Incubator Cohort!

Posted on Wednesday, September 11th, 2019

Written by Kristine Sondergaard

Picture of Hub Cohort Fall 2019
Left to Right: Mackenzie Miller, Cole Pearsall, Cameron Sheedy, Bryan Jenkins, Jake Randall, Juan Orjuela, Dan Erdman, Adam Quinlan, Jeff Froese, Allan Mai

As students return to University, another promising group of entrepreneurs join the Hub Incubator Program offered through the John F. Wood Centre.

From making fashionable golf towels to advancing 3D printing in modern veterinary medicine, these students/alumni are passionate about improving the lives of others. 

With that goal in mind, the Hub Incubator Program provides students and/or alumni with funding, mentorship and advisory services to help them bring their ideas to life. 

It’s no small feat to start a business, but it all starts with just an idea.  These students and alumni show determination, innovation and perseverance.  Stay tuned on our blog and social media for updates about these businesses and their journey through the Hub Incubator program!

We are proud to introduce our F19 Hub Incubator Cohort.


Noticing all golf towels looked the same, Daniel Erdman created the first fashionable golf towel in the spring of 2016.  Uther has been fortunate to work with some of the top golf retailers and brands and has since built a reputation of quality not just golf towls but all product offerings:


Social: @uthersupply (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)


Headwaters Pest Control provides residents in Ontario with the ability to stop Mosquitoes and fly's from ruining their summre by implementing eco-friendly pest control solutions.



Acid League is a fermented flavour company looking to disrupt the consumer packaged goods industry with their novel product lines.


Crystura is an innovation engine created to solve problems using leading-edge technology.  Their flagship project will provide value for patients and families with lived experience of substance-use disorders.


Elixr is creating a customization skincare line.  Customers will be able to choose active ingredients based on their skincare concerns and build their own formulations through an online platform.


3D-VETIC is a group of students interested in advancing 3D printing and innovative technologies to further modern veterinary medicine. 

The goal of this group is to network and encourage groups of students to work together to develop these technologies in ways that include; clubs at their own academic institutions, incorporation into curriculum, networking with mentors and professionals in the field, and create student based conferences. 

Through these initiatives they are looking to sell club packages, memberships, and anatomical and procedural models produced from 3D printing technologies.

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