Meet the S20 Hub Incubator Cohort

Posted on Friday, May 15th, 2020

Written by The John F. Wood Centre For Business and Student Enterprise

As an entrepreneurship and innovation centre we  teach others the importance of pivoting and remaining flexible.  Like many we had to put those teachings into practice as we faced sudden changes that came as a result of the COVID-19 virus.  Despite these changes we are happy to announce that our hub incubator program lives on in an online environment!

Housed within the John F. Wood Centre for Business & Student Enterprise (Wood Centre), the Hub is a business incubator designed to support early-stage business ideas with high-potential, but unproven business models. The goal of the Hub is to provide University of Guelph students (undergraduate and graduate) and alumni the opportunity to build a successful business enterprise in a supportive learning environment.

The Hub has a tiered program that ensures a good mix of start-up companies at varying stages of growth. “Hub Start” is for ventures still getting their idea off the ground. These ventures typically have a great team and a great idea, but still have not demonstrated product-market fit with traction. “Hub Build” is for ventures with traction looking to refine their business model and/or scale.

We are thrilled at the continued interest in our program and proud to announce the following companies have been accepted into our Hub Start and Hub Build programs for the Summer 2020 semester.

Visit their websites or follow them on social media to learn more and be a part of their entrepreneurial journey!

Hub Start

Peasy Foods

Peasy Foods are looking to provide delicious nut-free alternatives to products that many love but cannot enjoy. Unlike other competitors, Peasy Foods products do not contain any of the top 8 allergens such as soy or seeds. Moreover, they are keen to use Canadian ingredients to support Canadian farmers.


For most people, a cup of coffee is an essential part of their day, and yet, for a quality brew, the french press method is most popular despite it taking 10-20 minutes to make each morning. The Caffpac will be the ultimate teabag for the coffee drinker, whether they are gourmet coffee connoisseurs or fans of instant on the go, since it will marry convenience with the high-quality taste of the french brewed coffee method.


GTutor is a service that helps connect students with tutors. At a click of a button, a student can instantly hire a tutor to help them with a last-minute assignment or upcoming exam. GTutor’s goal is to become the central hub for all education needs.


Network is a website designed to connect students seeking to help busy families and retired individuals in their community. Through location-based matchmaking criteria, we match these two major groups of people, connecting communities and creating long lasting relationships. NetWork provides flexible work for students through connecting them with aid seeking individuals in their community. NetWork is a new start up business out of the Kitchener-Waterloo region with a goal to change the way communities interact.



Pangea is a reusable water bottle company dedicated to providing clean water to international travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. The bottle contains a powerful, user-friendly filtration mechanism to create potable water no matter where you are in the world. Pangea’s goal is to implement this into the first world with the intent of profits being used to fund third-world community bottles and filters.

Hub Build

Let the Dog Out

An on-demand dog care company that focuses on providing freedom for busy dog owners. By guaranteeing the availability of top-quality dog care 8-8, 7 days a week, busy dog owners can live any lifestyle they choose, and always have access to great dog care.


Social: (Instagram, Facebook)

Living Glass

Living Glass inc. provides solutions to indoor plant growing. They sell maintenance-free plants grown inside a glass ornament by integrating tissue-culture technology. Living Glass plants grow without the need of watering or light.


Social: @livingglasslabs (Twitter, Facebook), @livingglass (Instagram)

Plant Snorkel

Plant Snorkel manufactures and markets a product that can be inserted into plant containers to mitigate the effects of overwatering. The patent pending design can be used in plant containers of many different shapes and sizes. The goal is to make sure customers “never drown another plant.”


K9 Lifelines

Program that helps individuals with disabilities acquire lifesaving service dogs who aid their owners with day to day tasks that would otherwise be extremely difficult. K9 Lifelines specializes in psychiatric and mobility service dog; their experienced trainers provide fully trained service dogs and aid individuals training their own service dog through the entire process from selecting the right dog to advanced obedience training and specialized skills training to help mitigate their owners disability. 

Social: @K9Lifelines (Instagram, Facebook)

Forward Innovation

Forward Innovation provides design solutions for demanding industry problems. With a foundation in agriculture and ambitious goals to expand to other industries, we aim to provide mechanical designs with quality and integrity. The goal is to work with clients to generate innovative solutions, helping them to propel their businesses forward.

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