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Posted on Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

Written by The John F. Wood Centre For Business and Student Enterprise

Mint & Poppy's founder, Megan Martensen is a digitial marketing guru who specializes in high quality content creation, from website design to social media to brand identity. Megan beleives in the the power of storytelling to bring brands to life. We wanted to learn more about Megan's entrepreneurial story!

What inspired you to start your business?

I’ve always had a passion for local small businesses. I started to notice that while they had amazing shops or offered personalized services, their online presence wasn’t as strong. In today’s world, it’s so important to take advantage of the online space in a way that feels authentic to you as a brand. 

For that reason, Katie (my previous partner in mint & poppy) and I decided that we would start a business on the side to work primarily with small businesses to help them with their branding, social media and website. We wanted to make sure our services weren’t a “one size fits all” method and that while we were doing the work, we were TEACHING small businesses the strategies and how to use the tools. Hiring a marketing agency on an ongoing basis can be expensive, so we wanted a big part of our brand to be that education piece to empower business owners to manage their own online presence! 

What problem were you trying to solve?

A few different ones! One of the main problems that would come up was honestly just a lack of knowledge. The online space changes SO quickly, it’s hard to keep up when you are running a business and wearing all the hats. So we really wanted to create strategies that worked for a specific business and teach them the tools and how all the pieces fit together. 

The other one, which I kind of mentioned - was just strategy. A lot of business owners feel like they have to do “all the things” which is actually not the case. So it was important for us to explain that to them, but also create a strategy that was authentic to them.

What helps you to keep generating you new ideas to grow or change your business?

Lots of inspiration from other entrepreneurs and just keeping up with the trends. I also ask a lot of questions haha. Almost every time someone reaches out to me via DM asking a question - I usually have a series of polls and questions on my stories for my audience to answer. I am always curious to know what others are struggling with and how I can help - and that’s usually how I come up with new ideas, products or services for the business. I also chat with many other entrepreneurs in my field to brain storm and ask for their input on different ideas.  

What’s a piece of advice you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Just start. You’ll always feel like you can learn more, ask one more person for their input, design one more concept for the brand before launching. My biggest piece of advice is just start, and embrace the pivot! What you create today, won’t be what your business is 3 months from now or a year from now - you will always grow, evolve and expand and it’s important to embrace that.

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