Hub Spotlight: Scoops Supplements

Posted on Saturday, February 6th, 2021

Written by The John F. Wood Centre For Business and Student Enterprise

After struggling with different sports supplements that were either inconvenient, expensive or boring, Josh Bodenstein and David Friedman decided that there needed to be a change. This led them to start their own company, Scoops Supplements. Scoops Supplements offers customers the ability to purchase high-quality sports supplements in customizable quantities. Josh and David aspire to motivate customers towards reaching their health and fitness goals through the introduction of diversity in their assortment of supplements. 

 We sat down with Josh and David to get the inside scoop on how they started Scoops Supplements and what they hope to get out of the Hub Incubator Program!

How did you come up with Scoops Supplements?

Through years of purchasing sports supplements in large tubs, we regularly experienced either disliking the flavour upon trying it or growing tired of the flavour over time. As a result, our supplements would expire, and we wasted tons of money. Stemming from our personal frustrations, Scoops Supplements was born. 

What motivated you to take the next step and apply to the Hub?

Although our business already had traction in terms of our sales, we were lacking in the knowledge of how to take it to the next step and grow even further. Specifically, we still have much to learn about marketing and reaching our target customers. When we learned of the hub, what it had to offer, and that we could apply to be part of this amazing group of small businesses and business experts, we did not hesitate!  

What do you hope to get out of the Hub?

Through the hub, we hope to create valuable  connections with our hub mentors, our peers within the hub who have started businesses of their own, and potential partners to work with. Additionally, we feel that the hub can help us develop the skill sets that need to prosper in the business world and with the knowledge to confidently navigate our own journey. So far, the hub has been very helpful in assisting us to further mold our business into more than we imagined it could be.

Do you have any advice for someone with a business idea in mind, but are not sure what to do next?

It's useful to speak with others you trust regarding the business idea in order to get their opinion and/or feedback. Based on the feedback obtained, expand on the features of your idea while identifying your target audience, industry, and competitors. Conduct primary and secondary research and speak to your target audience to better understand their needs and desires. Make any adjustments based on this research and take action to test the concept you have created. 

To learn more about their business check out their website.  

Housed within the John F. Wood Centre for Business & Student Enterprise (Wood Centre), the Hub is a business incubator designed to support early-stage business ideas with high-potential, but unproven business models. The goal of the Hub is to provide University of Guelph students (undergraduate and graduate) and alumni the opportunity to build a successful business enterprise in a supportive learning environment.

The Hub has a tiered program that ensures a good mix of start-up companies at varying stages of growth. “Hub Start” is for ventures still getting their idea off the ground. These ventures typically have a great team and a great idea, but still have not demonstrated product-market fit with traction. “Hub Build” is for ventures with traction looking to refine their business model and/or scale.


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