Master of Biotechnology Students Compete in Proteus Innovation Competition

Posted on Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

Written by The John F. Wood Centre For Business and Student Enterprise

The Proteus Innovation Competition is an intense four-month competition that challenges teams to create a viable commercialization strategy for a promising technology. The competition is broken down into numerous rounds and U of G Master of Biotechnology students Kathy Ha, Riya Misra, Vedha Patel and Kristian Hau have successfully made it to the final round of the competition for their work on FloStim Technologies.

FloStim Tech is a device that caters to the needs of the growing population. By 2060, is it projected that one in four Americans will be aged 65 and over. With the aging population and longer life expectancy, falls and difficulty with physical activities are on the rise and solutions to help rehabilitate this older population are needed.

Dr. Jamie Burr from the University of Guelph has developed an automated device that controls passive exercise via electrically stimulated muscle contractions while strategically limiting blood flow to the limb. This combination of restricted blood flow with electrical muscle stimulation allows exercise to be more effective and achieve enhanced outcomes previously unachievable without the discomfort commonly experienced by individuals just using electrical muscle stimulation.

Throughout the past four months Kathy, Riya, Vedha and Kristian have honed their business skills, worked with a variety of experienced advisors, including the John F. Wood Centre Chair in Entrepreneurship, Dr. Felix Arndt, and accelerated the commercialization process of the FloStim Tech! 

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