Meet the Winter 2022 Hub Incubator Cohort

Posted on Wednesday, February 9th, 2022

Written by The John F Wood Centre

Winter 2022 Hub Incubator Cohort
Winter 2022 Hub Incubator Cohort

Ever since 2014 the Wood Centre has been supporting student and alumni entrepreneurs who want to take the next step with their business idea! We are proud to be working with our 21st cohort of startups representing 6 different industries all with the underlying mission to Improve Life.  The Hub Incubator is a new-venture business incubator designed to support early-stage business ideas with high-potential, but unproven business models.  We have quite the variety this semester including a new form of insulation, a team who is working on a new commercial building that’s main goal is to connect community together to an app that incentives users to visit green spaces in urban areas.  Please enjoy learning about our current cohort!


At ZeroHeat we hate losing energy. Our job is to create very thin, light, and water-proof heat insulators for home and industrial use. Using Aerogel and Nanotechnology, we designed an innovative product with many applications. We are currently researching the production of insulator paints too. The next time you paint your wall, you will save energy too! Our product has many other applications too. We can create membranes for water treatment purposes. Our membranes can separate water from oil (any kind of oil) with nearly 100% efficiency.


We are in the process of acquiring land and developing the Fergus Commons. The Fergus Commons is an industrial multi-purpose building that will be a community hub for small business owners specifically in the trades. The building includes 6 private bays for lease that are 1000 square feet each. All 6 bays are connected to a common area which includes a boardroom, offices, kitchen and washrooms. In addition, the building also has 2000 square feet of meeting space, a perfect venue that can cater to any small event of up to 40 people. We believe working together is better so we have designed a space that fosters collaboration and community. We want to help Fergus grow and we are starting by helping small business owners in the trades.


Reation is your local source for genuine 3-d printed goods. Concentrating in creating innovative everyday supplies such as our electronic business card; by tapping the card with your cellphone transferring your contact information quick and easily. Each product uses eco-friendly corn starch-based plastic in order to have a more sustainable tool. From our off the shelf products to fully custom solutions using custom logos or designs. 

Instagram: @reationofficial


Split the Tank is the first-ever all-inclusive GPS-based tool that tracks your road-trip and determines the cost of the trip for each occupant of a vehicle. As you drive, the app has a fare that climbs throughout the trip, similar to that of a taxi, allowing occupants to watch the fare per person increase as the ride progresses. The app considers various factors, including vehicle model, cost of gas, tolls, parking, number of occupants, and more! The driver can then send a virtual request for their share of what they are owed from their friends, instead of having to chase them down for the money they are owed.


Customs by Katie is a service created to personalize leather shoes with a hand painted design. Self-expression and uniqueness is achieved through a collaborative planning process. Whether it is for yourself or to be gifted, this business provides a truly customized product.

Instagram: @customs_bykatie


LiboBerry will assist the scientific content provider in auditing their references and avoiding plagiarism. As a result of the AI assistant, content writers can easily maintain their documents with plenty of references, adding and paraphrasing recommendations, preserving the source of the content. In addition, this service can save publishers a great deal of time in publishing their articles on time, not just for researchers.  Additionally, our product allows authors to publish their content/documents in the most appropriate venues, such as PubMed journals, with the help of our AI agents. With this feature, the authors could post their ideas/works without taking any risk of rejection from publishers!



GURBAN is a start-up company that offers a smartphone application to promote a healthy habit of spending time in urban green spaces. GURBAN app tracks the time the users spend within designated urban green spaces and rewards them based on it. The more time users spend within urban green spaces, the more “G coins” they can earn and receive more financial rewards as coupons.


Kaely's Crafts are handcrafted and environmentally conscious items for your home, garden and personal wellbeing. Each product has a focus on sustainable consumption and is encouraged to be used to enhance or encourage sustainable living

Instagram: @kaelyscrafts 


Calisthenics Women organization aims to help women in fitness who want to pursue calisthenics by providing resources, community, and opportunities in order to help grow the sport professionally.  Recognizing the gender gap in the sport, our main intention is to bring the calisthenics and street workout movement to the forefront of the female fitness industry. Currently a training app, community, podcast, and online shop. Next an industry leading organization partnering with supporting sponsors to provide in person training camps, workshops, and competitions.

Instagram: @Calisthenics_women_org

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