Meet The Hub - Cohort V

We are super excited to welcome our next Hub cohort! We have 4 awesome businesses this summer and we'll be sure to share each step of their journey with you:

Common Compass and the Hub Incubator Program

Did you know that social enterprises can benefit from incubation as well? Just ask Leisha Zamenik, founder of Common Compass.

Common Compass is dedicated to providing curriculum-connected workshops evidence informed workshops surrounding student leadership and social and emotional learning, which empower students to understand what they can do to, rather than what they cannot.

Escarpment Laboratories And The Hub.

The Escarpment Laboratories team is living proof that you can turn what you're passionate about into a business (and a successful one at that) - and in their case, what they love, is craft beer.

Perception VS. Reality

“The consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife. You insult her intelligence if you assume that a mere slogan and a few vapid adjectives will persuade her to buy anything. She wants all the information you can give her.” Sound advice from “The Father of Advertising” David Ogilvy implying that it is perception that drives the buy-sell reaction!

What is Perception in this context?

Answer: Perception meaning “aesthetic quality…interpretation or impression based on one’s understanding of something” (Oxford Canadian Dictionary).

Six New Startup Businesses Join the Hub

In November 2015, 10 startup businesses pitched their products and ideas to a group of esteemed judges and mentors in hopes of landing a spot in the Hub Incubator Program. After an intense afternoon of pitching and deliberating, CBaSE is excited to welcome the next cohort of businesses into the Hub!

Guelph’s Growing Commitment to Entrepreneurship!

The University and City of Guelph have displayed a great deal of commitment to growing and fostering the entrepreneurial community both on campus and city wide. There are now more opportunities than ever for funding, mentorship, networking and partnerships! The commitment of the community to fostering entrepreneurship is evident as we take a look in the numerous organizations that offer assistance to prospective entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneurship Society Speaker Series Presents: Damien Steele

On Friday November 13th, the Entrepreneurship Society of the University of Guelph, welcomed students, faculty and members of the community to hear Damien Steele, current managing director of OMERS Ventures, speak about what it takes to thrive in the entrepreneurial community.

#GEW2015 UoG Alumni Making Waves in NYC - Kent & Bond

Although Benjamin Bond and Kent Santin both got their start in the corporate world, they knew that their personalities and their goals would eventually push them to start something all their own.

Both Ben and Kent graduated from the University of Guelph’s Bachelor of Commerce program (taking marketing and accounting, respectively) in 2012. Chatting with them on a Monday morning, we talked about what it takes to be a young entrepreneur, what you should look for in a co-founder and the most difficult parts of being an entrepreneur.

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015

Global Entrepreneurship Week is the world’s largest celebration of entrepreneurs, innovators, makers, doers, drivers, startup founders and the people who drive economic growth and expand human welfare. Taking place this year from Nov.16th-22nd, CBaSE will aim to highlight successful young entrepreneurs coming out of the University of Guelph, the tools and resources available to current students and young alumni hoping to start their own ventures, as well as the articles, publications and people we think every entrepreneur needs to keep tabs on!

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