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Academics MA in Leadership

MA in Leadership students complete a variety of core and elective courses. The following is a sample list of courses offered during the program. Course offerings are subject to change.


Foundations of Leadership

The course will enhance participants’ interpersonal competency, as well as their knowledge and understanding of the theory and research underlying the impact of team management and collaboration on the organization.

Theories of Leadership

This course traces the development of the concept of leadership. Through the interplay of theory and practical application, participants will gain a deeper appreciation for the requirements, responsibilities, and consequences of effective leadership.

Role of the Leader in Decision-Making

The role of the leader in decision-making is explored through the study of the rational model for decision-making, human biases, creativity, and risk and uncertainty in decision-making. The course will also examine ethical issues and group decision-making.

Ethics in Leadership

Issues in the use and application of ethical standards by leaders are explored through examples from history, current events, novels, films and television. Relevant theory is applied to leadership examples to help students develop an ethical framework for the exercise of leadership skills.

Leadership of Organizational Change

This course studies the role of leadership in the management of change within an organization and the changes required of management. The course examines the development of trust, the building of organizational loyalty, and motivation and inspiring of high-performance teams.

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*This is a sample list of courses offered during the MA Leadership degree. Course offerings are subject to change.

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