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Multi-disciplinary Leadership

Every industry and organization needs effective leadership

By becoming a master's level leader, you learn to be a more resilient, confident and effective organizational leader. The program brings an eclectic mix of leaders from a variety of industries to collaborate, learn and grow together.


Business professionals

To achieve success in business requires leaders who understand how to inspire others to work towards a common financial and organizational goal. Effective leaders need to understand their own strengths and weaknesses to inspire change.

The Lang advantage for business leaders

  • Analyze your organization, with the purpose of launching a change and propose strategies for effectively implementing or managing this change.

"To achieve success in business requires leaders who understand how to inspire others to work towards a common financial and organizational goal. Effective leaders need to understand their own strengths and weaknesses to inspire change."

-Dan Gibson, MA '18
Sales Executive, Phillips Healthcare



Educators have an important responsibility to develop individuals as they embark on a new chapter in their careers. Whether online or in a classroom, they help people realize their full potential.

The Lang advantage for educators

  • Integrate your knowledge and skills relating to evidence-based management and hone your ability to critically evaluate evidence.

"The personal assessment course is really about digging deep and reflecting on your personality and how you relate and work with others. It was such an amazing opportunity to get insights into your own learning journey."

-Angela Marshall, educator, MA Lead '19


Healthcare professionals

The state of our health care industry is important to every Canadian. Strong leadership is crucial to its continual development and improvement.

The Lang advantage for healthcare professionals

  • Analyze a critical leadership issue that you and your organization are currently facing and examine all the possible courses of action (and their outcomes) that you might take.
  • Identify and assess the various bases of power and influence within your organization and explore political strategies to accomplish objectives in the workplace.

"One of the things that I really appreciated about the program was that everything I took was relevant. I could apply course content to help my organization and career."

-Elaine Shantz, MA '10, CEO Fairview and Parkwood Mennonite Communities


HR professionals

Engaging with employees and creating organizational change is an integral part of every HR professional’s career. Whether leading a company through restructuring or finding the right talent for a niche role, HR departments need strong and competent leaders.

The Lang advantage for HR professionals

  • Develop an ongoing awareness of your interpersonal skills and how to enhance your leadership capacity.
  • You will be challenged to further strengthen your own leadership competencies and explore how to leverage the tools and resources for the development of others.

"The online component of the program made it accessible anywhere and at any time. It's unlike any other online program because I know the person that I am corresponding with."

-Uyen Nguyen, MA '18 HR Specialist, Toyota Motor Manufacturing


Police and military

When the safety and security of others is on the line, effective leadership can have a lifelong impact on those around you. Students explore the historical underlying causes of key organizational decisions and what implications there are for evidence-based decision making in the future.

The Lang advantage for public safety professionals

  •  Obtain a deeper understanding of professionalism and ethical practice

"The program instils in leaders the importance of making evidence-based decisions. I have found this method has been extremely beneficial in convincing boards and other oversight bodies that decisions need to be based on empirical evidence."

-Bryan MacCulloch, MA '14, Chief of the Niagara Regional Police Service


Government and public sector

Working with scare resources requires responsible and forward-thinking leaders. Professionals working in not-for-profit or government organizations benefit from learning with others and gaining perspectives on how to lead through change.

The Lang advantage for public safety professionals

  • Gain strategic decision-making skills that can be applied to a wide range of industries.
  • Enhance your influence, conflict management and negotiation skills

"The courses gave me vital information to help my organization thrive during difficult times. Specifically, the decision-making and change-management courses help me lead my team to success."

-Colleen Sim, MA alumna, Operations Manager, Bluewater Bridge


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