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Program Overview

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Every industry needs leaders

Lang's Masters in Leadership program attracts students from a wide range of industries, professions and career levels. By becoming a masters level leader, you learn to be a more resilient, confident an effective leader.


Become a better leader at Lang


The MA in Leadership program provides a relevant, collaborative and immersive learning experience that goes beyond the textbook. You benefit from faculty who are industry experts and highly engaged in your development as well as like-minded peers who are on a similar journey.

Leadership Self-Assessment

Throughout your journey, you examine your own leadership style and ability. This self-reflection enables you to better identify strategies and concepts that empower your own brand of leadership, transforming you into a more confident and resilient leader. We believe in changing perspectives to help you become a catalyst for transformation.


18-month program

with periodic breaks

10 courses


2 residential experiences



What you learn in the program:

  • Enhanced interpersonal, team management and collaborative skills
  • A deeper and broader knowledge of the requirements, responsibilities and impact of effective leadership
  • Enhanced ability to communicate, management of people and tasks and mobilization of innovation
  • A better understanding of human biases, creativity, ethical standards, risk and uncertainty in decision-making
  • Effective use of quantitative and qualitative research techniques to harness evidence-based leadership practices
  • How to use digital platforms to learn modern leadership and organizational behaviour skills

Program timeline

Your Master of Arts in Leadership degree starts with an on-site residential experience where you complete a brief, intensive, in-class course. This cohort experience helps to develop strong connections with your peers that expand your business network and last a lifetime.

After your first residential experience, you will begin your online courses. These courses involve real-world case studies, simulations and cohort experiences – it’s not all about the textbook. Our goal is to empower and enable you to apply what You learn directly to your career. Following a second residential experience and an additional online core course, you will complete a major research project that investigates a leadership problem or issue and adds a professional, referenced report to your portfolio. Alternatively, you have the option to take two elective courses.

Program Start (May)

Summer Semester

  • 5-day on-site residential experience 
  • Online courses

Fall and Winter Semester

  • Online courses

Summer Semester

  • 5 day on-site residential experience
  • Online courses

Fall/Winter Semester

  • Online courses (including electives or Major Research Project))

Program Finish

Flexible programming

At the end of your program, you will have the option of completing two elective courses (coursework-only option) or complete a scholarly research report (major research project) of your choosing. 

Complete coursework-only option

By selecting this option you complete two additional courses from our renowned faculty. Choose two of the following courses; Readings in Leadership, Coaching and Developing Others; and Canadian Business Law.

Complete major research project option

By selecting this option, you complete a comprehensive research paper exploring a particular topic of your choice. You will work with your faculty supervisor to identify a topic, methodology, theoretical framework and literature. Students have often focused their research project on their industry or organization, allowing them to use the research report to boost their professional development.

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