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For CBaSE’s Amy Faria, returning to U of G was like coming home

Posted on Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Photo of Amy Faria

The Centre for Business and Social Entrepreneurship (CBaSE) recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, and the addition of a new team member, Student Enterprise Program Manager and two-time University of Guelph alumna Amy Faria. Since graduating with her M.Sc. in Marketing and Consumer Studies, Faria has spent time teaching, traveling and volunteering internationally. Specifically, she worked with Living Positive Kenya, a non-profit organization that provides women and children impacted by HIV/AIDS with sustainable outreach programs and opportunities in entrepreneurial training and child sponsorship programs.

Now that she has returned to U of G, Faria is enjoying working with her alma mater and in an environment dedicated to connecting education and community.

Tell us about your new role as the Student Enterprise Program Manager with CBaSE.
My new role at CBaSE encompasses all things regarding education and community that I am most passionate about: engaging students to work beyond their potential and utilizing their skillset to benefit the community while continually furthering themselves both academically and professionally.

What drew you to this role?
I am a firm believer of aligning your values and beliefs with the work you do and carrying out your passions; CBaSE’s core values and mission very much spoke to what I believe to be fundamental aspects of education. The ability to provide students with the tools and resources to expand their skillset and reach beyond their potential while creating positive change in their community is certainly a reason to wake up each morning with a smile.

What experience did you have with CBaSE before starting this role?
When I was an undergraduate and graduate student within the College of Business and Economics, CBaSE was in its infancy, but definitely experiencing rapid growth. At this early stage, I was actively involved in research projects throughout my undergraduate studies, and held a teaching assistantship position as a graduate student. It was great to be able to witness and be a part of CBaSE in its different stages. Coming back has felt like a natural transition and it has been amazing to see how much CBaSE has grown as a result of the team’s hard work and support from the university and Guelph community.

What are you most looking forward to in your work with CBaSE?
I am most looking forward to being able to expand CBaSE’s course offerings.  I want to develop additional opportunities to further encourage students’ entrepreneurial mindset and provide them with a platform to be able to expand above and beyond their comfort zones.

You graduated with your M.Sc. in Marketing and Consumer Studies last year. How did your experience at U of G impact your decision to return to work for CBaSE?
Being a two-time graduate, I have always loved all things encompassing the University of Guelph from its cultural vibrancy to its quality stance on academia. After being a student research associate for CBaSE during both my undergrad and graduate studies, it was as if I was returning to a place very much like home; it was a “no- brainer”! 

What advice do you have for students who are thinking about taking a course with CBaSE, but aren’t sure if it’s for them?
My advice would be to drop by the CBaSE office and have a chat with us. Our doors are always open and we would love to meet you, discuss your motivations, visions, and provide you with any direction that we can. Reach out with any inquiry at all. Who knows what can come of a conversation? Great things always transpire when you least expect them to.

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