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Improve learning

students learning in Mac Hall

A hub of collaboration and active learning, the newly transformed Macdonald Hall is changing how business education is taught.

U of G business students are catching the attention of some of the world’s most progressive companies that recognize their capacity to adopt a different mindset, work collaboratively, understand real social problems, and develop and apply innovative and sustainable solutions. Macdonald Hall, the home of U of G business, is a modern hub of collaboration and leadership development. 

Built in 1903, Macdonald Hall is named after philanthropist Sir William Macdonald, who generously donated to both its construction as a residence for women, which he co-founded with visionary Adelaide Hoodless.

A new way of learning

Macdonald Hall is transforming the learning experience, changing both what we teach and where learning happens. Our introduction to business course (MGMT*1000), is taught in a custom designed classroom with facilities that enhance collaboration and team leadership. Traditional lecture halls are replaced with move-able furniture that adjusts to each individual class and setting. Around every corner are white boards and meeting spots that foster collaboration and community building. Class rooms and boardrooms are encased in glass as an ode to our commitment to ethics and transparency.