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MA Economics (with finance specialization option)

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Join a welcoming and collaborative campus community and learn from internationally-recognized researchers in the Master of Arts (MA) in Economics program at the University of Guelph. This advanced program will extend your economics and finance knowledge beyond the undergraduate level and prepare you for a variety of roles within the public and private sectors, as well as further education at the PhD level. The program offers a finance specialization for students who wish to focus their studies towards finance-based economics.

Complete your degree one of two ways

  • Course-based option: Gain a strong foundation of knowledge through core coursework and explore different topics through electives. Complete your degree in as little as eight months.
  • Major research project option: Gain a strong foundation of knowledge through core coursework while exploring your research interests through an MRP. Complete your degree in one year. View past MA Economics research projects to see what other students have done.


Economics specialization

Advancing your knowledge in core economic theory and quantitative methods will prepare you to work in public policy and conduct economic research that will help solve any economic and business problem. Our MA program offers a strong introduction into advanced theoretical coursework and the flexibility to investigate your interests through elective courses.

Financial Economics specialization

Developing extensive financial knowledge and excellent quantitative research skills will enable you to become an expert analyst, understand market trends and risk, and manage financial portfolios. Our MA program features courses in asset pricing, portfolio management and financial econometrics.

Meet our students and alumni

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Student Kyel Governor and professor Thanasis Stengos discuss the MA Economics program.

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Student and alumni profiles

Career paths

Graduates of the MA in Economics program can be found in a range of organizations across Canada and around the world.


Meet our faculty

Economics and Finance faculty at Guelph have a long-established reputation for delivering quality education and research. Our faculty are some of the world's most cited and highly regarded researchers within economics and finance. We rank in the top 5% of the world for research output in economics, according to  Research Papers in Economics (RePEc). 

Mike Hoy
Mike Hoy
Expertise: Microeconomics, welfare economics
Thanasis Stengos
Thanasis Stengos
Expertise: Econometrics
Ross McKitrick
Ross McKitrick
Expertise: Environmental and applied microeconomics

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Admission requirements

  • Undergraduate degree (4 year program or equivalent)
  • Minimum B+ average
  • Background in economic theory and econometrics
  • Proof of English proficiency

Application deadline is February 1.


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