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Graduate Diploma (GDip) in Market Research

The University of Guelph’s Graduate Diploma in Market Research is designed for students who want to extend their undergraduate knowledge of market research and advanced analytical tools. If you are interested in graduate-level studies, but not a master’s thesis, consider this one-year course-based program. You will learn from leaders in the marketing field who have developed progressive research and analytical methods. 

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Course topics

Students in this program typically pursue research interests related to marketing and consumer studies.

Career paths

Graduates of this program often pursue a diverse range of industries related to marketing and consumer behaviour.

Admission requirements

To be considered a candidate for this graduate diploma, you must have graduated from a four-year honours degree program (or equivalent) and maintained at least a B average in the final two years of your program. Your degree must focus on one of the following areas:

  • consumer studies
  • social sciences
  • humanities
  • marketing
  • finance
  • real estate

You'll be asked to submit a discussion paper indicating why you are interested in the field of market research.

Applicants with considerable experience in a business or management role, who meet the minimum grade requirements but are lacking in the required academic areas may be required to complete one or more recommended undergraduate courses in order to comply with program standards.

Application deadline is February 1.

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