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MBA Program Overview

Lang’s MBA program is an intensive program designed for working professionals that combines on-site residential experiences with interactive online learning. 


Lang’s online learning platform allows you to complete your degree while maintaining your career and personal commitments.

Our team will send you the course materials far in advance, allowing you to plan for your learning when your schedule allows. You can expect to commit 20-25 hours each week during the online portion of the program. 


Lang MBA’s on-site residential experiences provide a career-defining opportunity for you to learn from our world-class faculty who have significant industry experience and have developed industry-changing research.

Just as important, you tackle your coursework with peers who are in a diverse range of industries. We strive to create an innovative cohort experience that mixes class time with experiential learning and offsite, team-building excursions. This collaborative process is crucial to our learning approach. You not only learn new strategies and skills relevant to your career, you make connections with your classmates that last a lifetime!


The Lang MBA at a glance:

9 core management courses

3 specialized courses

45 - average class size

3 residential experiences

3 unique specializations

Average - 10 years of work experience


Program Schedule

The MBA starts with an on-site residential experience (5 days) where you will start your coursework and connect with your fellow classmates. After your residential experience, you continue your coursework online. You complete a total of nine core online courses. During your second residential experience (5 days), you start your specialized courses that continue on our online platform. Following your specialized coursework, you will start your major research project or select two additional courses. Your MBA concludes following a final residential experience (5 days).

Program Start (May)

Summer Semester

  • 5 day on-site residential experience 
  • Online courses

Fall and Winter Semester

  • Online courses

Summer Semester

  • 5 day on-site residential experience
  • Online courses

Fall/Winter Semester

  • Online courses (including electives or Major Research Project (MRP))

Summer Semester

  • 5 day on-site residential experience
  • Online course

Program Finish

Key Competencies

The Lang MBA provides you with the skills and competencies to;

  • make and present sound business decisions using evidence-based ethical frameworks,
  • consider the impact of business decisions related to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and
  • suitably recognize, analyze, and develop appropriate solutions to business problems.


Master core skills including:

Business Fundamentals



Human Resource Management


Finance and Accounting


Lang MBA Courses

Foundations of Leadership: The course will enhance students' interpersonal skills, expand their knowledge and understanding of the theory and research behind leadership and leader development. Leadership issues such as ethical decision-making, engagement, toxic leadership and the impact of team management and collaboration in the organization are explored.

Sustainable Value Creation: Many organizations have redefined their business strategies in line with principles of sustainability in order to maximize value creation for the organization and its stakeholders. In this course, students will critically examine these sustainability drivers and strategic approaches to value creation.

Financial and Managerial Accounting: This course emphasizes the gathering and use of financial information to facilitate effective financial and management decisions by managers to contribute towards overall corporate vision and exercise fiscal responsibility towards overall corporate results and governance. This course takes an accounting information user rather than a supplier perspective.

Foundations of Human Resource Management: This course examines the essential strategic and operational human resource management functions. Topics covered include the legal context, attracting, acquiring and building human capital, employee empowerment, engagement, and rights, globalization of HR, health and safety, labour relations, and legal compliance, in a variety of organizational settings.

Business Fundamentals: Examination of theory, function, application, and practice of business with a particular emphasis on important skills, including strategy, communications, content, stakeholders, and decision-making. The course also includes the study of critical business concepts such as ethics/ethical decision making; sustainable business development; ethical management; diversity and cross-cultural management.

Research Methods for Managers: Students learn to formulate a research problem and to select and use appropriate quantitative and qualitative techniques for the collection and analysis of relevant data. The course also covers ethical issues and responsibilities in research.

Financial Management: This course takes the viewpoint of a senior financial officer, focusing on cash management, accounts receivable, inventories and capital assets, and sourcing of funds through debt and equity. Business decisions impact on employees and customers, society and community, government relations, and the environment are considered.

Strategic Management: This course examines the study of business in a global context through a "live case study," with specific emphasis on the strategic implications of food, hospitality, agribusiness, and sustainable commerce. This integrative course draws together the conceptual theories and models of the graduate program core.

Operations Management: This course delves into key decisions and techniques used to provide a good or service and deliver customer value in today's global environment. The focus is on modelling service and product delivery systems with an emphasis on managerial problems in hospitality, tourism, food and agribusiness organizations.


Lang MBA Specializations

Learn more about Lang's unique MBA specializations, including course information and more:

Sustainable Commerce Hospitality and Tourism Management Food and Agribusiness Management

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