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New Minors at Lang (FAQ)

Below are some FAQ's that you may have when exploring the new minors available at Lang. 

Q: What are the new Minors and where can I find the course requirements/schedule of studies? 

A: The new minors being added are:

You can view the Schedule of Studies for each Minor by clicking on the links above.


Q: Can anyone add these Minors? 

A: These Minors are not just for Bachelor of Commerce or Lang students, they are available to all undergraduate students (provided a minor is permitted in your degree program). 


Q: When can I declare a Minor?  

A: May 1, 2020 is the first date that you can declare the new minors. You will declare your minor via your Program Counselling Office


Q: What courses are new and when will they first be offered? 

A: See the table below for a full list of the new courses in the Minors and when is their first offering:

Minor New Course First Offering
Business Data Analytics
  • MGMT*4140 - Advanced Business Analytics
  • Fall 2021
  • MGMT*2500 - Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
  • MGMT*3500 - Design Thinking
  • MGMT*4500 - Advanced Entrepreneurship
  • Fall 2020
  • Fall 2020
  • Winter 2021
International Business
  • MGMT*2260 - Introduction to International Business
  • Fall 2020
Project Management
  • MGMT*4300 - Advanced Project Management
  • Winter 2021
Sport and Event Management
  • HTM*3220 - Sales, Sponsorship and Stakeholder Engagement in Sport
  • Winter 2021


Q: Is third year too late to declare a Minor?  

A: You can declare a Minor at any point throughout your degree.  However, most third year students may not have enough free electives to complete all of the Minor requirements in their remaining terms.  Also, given the first offering dates listed above, you may have to extend the time required to complete your studies. 


Q: How do I declare a Minor? 

A: If you are a B.Comm student, visit the Adding a Minor Information Page and contact the B.Comm Program Counselling Office; for all other students, contact your specific Program Counselling office and complete the Schedule of Studies Change Form.

Note: these new minors begin under the 2020/2021 calendar only. Remember that your major and minor must follow the same calendar year.  If you are following the 2019/2020 (or earlier) calendar, you must switch your major to the 2020/21 calendar 


Q: I still have questions. Who should I ask? 

A: Specific questions about the minor should be directed to the appropriate Faculty Advisor for the Specialization, listed below. General questions can be directed to your Program Counselling Office.

Faculty Advisor Contact Information Minor
Alison Crerar
MACS 206
ext. 58710
  • Sport and Event Management
Connie Zavitz
MAC 213
ext. 54078
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resources
  • International Business
  • Project Management
  • Sustainable Business
Eveline Adomait
MCKN 728
ext. 56343
  • Business Data Analytics
  • Economics
Robert McLean
ext. 58754
  • Marketing