Create your own path by adding entrepreneurial skills | Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics

Create your own path by adding entrepreneurial skills

International business student Luqman Osman has added valuable entrepreneurial skills on his way to becoming a FinTech leader.


Luqman Osman, BComm

Major: Management Economics and Finance (MEF)
Year: Fourth
Home country: Kenya

Why did you choose UofG/Lang for your Commerce degree?

I received a full entrance scholarship from the University of Guelph. This made my decision to come to U of G very easy.

What industry or role do you hope to enter into after graduating?

The financial services industry is currently experiencing a technological revolution and as a finance student who loves disruptive technologies, I see myself getting involved in this world.

Outside of your major/specialization, what additional experiences have you added to your degree? (i.e. minors, certificates, student group, student competitions, etc.)

Since my second year of studies, I have been working as an undergraduate Research and Teaching Assistant. I also founded a startup that graduated from the John F. Wood Centre for Business and Student Entrerprise and their Hub Incubator program. Through the Wood Centre's program I recieved invaluable mentorship and support.

How have these experiences helped you shape your career path?

From refining my startup idea to learning how to construct a business plan to validating, I experienced a real entrepreneurial journey at the Lang School's Wood Centre. In my research and teaching assistant positions, I developed critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. These skill sets will be valuable as I continue on my entrepreneurial journey.

Looking back on your time at UofG/Lang – how do you feel you have grown as a person?

The most importance lesson that I learned while at the Lang School is that the objectives of businesses should not always be all about profit maximization. Businesses can and should be used as a tool to promote and build a fairer, conscious and sustainable world. This is a lesson that I will always keep in the back of my mind as I pursue my career path.