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Create your own path through co-op


Danielle Tyl

Major: Marketing Management, Co-op
Year: 5th Year
Hometown?: Georgetown, Ontario

Why did you choose UofG/Lang for your Commerce degree?

My parents met at the University of Guelph, so it was always a part of life growing up. My sister and I grew up visiting campus at College Royal and dreaming of attending the University of Guelph one day. I chose Guelph for the community feel that it brings, the close-knit programs, the beautiful campus, and the abundance of resources the University provides to students. When visiting the UofG prior to accepting my offer of admission, I had the pleasure of speaking with current business students at the time. Hearing them share their experiences with the faculty, peers and the opportunities (co-op, extra-curricular involvements, student associations, etc.) available to them motivated me to want to not only attend the Lang but to get involved myself! Looking back, this decision was absolutely pivotal in my development as an aspiring sustainable business leader.

What industry or role do you hope to enter into after graduating?

As an Aspiring Marketing Executive, I plan to pursue a career in brand marketing across a fast-paced, growing industry. At the moment, I am most interested in the technology, telecommunications, travel and sports industries.

Outside of your major/specialization, what additional experiences have you added to your degree?

  • Director of 1st annual Lang Sustainability Conference hosted by the LSA
  • Director of Marketing for the LSA
  • Teaching Assistant for MGMT*1000 Introduction to Business
  • Leadership Certificate
  • Co-op Student of the Year 2017 for contributions made at Rogers Communications as an Associate Community Specialist
  • JDCC Academic (Marketing Team) Delegate

How have these experiences helped you shape your career path?

These experiences have helped me develop leadership and soft skills that are vital in the working world. Through my extra-curricular experiences, I’ve been able to develop the skills needed to help land co-op and internship positions that have helped me to succeed in real-world settings. Not only did these additional experiences help me to secure larger positions, they helped me find my passions, my strengths, and led me to determine where I wanted my career to go.

Looking back on your time at UofG/Lang – how do you feel you have grown as a person?

I started university with no knowledge or certainty of what my future post-grad looked like. Through all of my extra-curricular, leadership, co-op, and academic experiences I can now say with certainty that I have found a clear picture of my passions, my people, and my future as an Aspiring Marketing Executive. I’ve made friends that I’ll have for the rest of my life, developed connections (both personal and professional) with people I truly value, and have learned more about myself than I ever could’ve imagined. The largest takeaway I have from my university career to date is the power of vulnerability. By pushing oneself out of comfort zones and allowing oneself to be vulnerable, that is when growth is achieved. I will always thank UofG/Lang for teaching me that the best way to grow and develop is to continue to push myself to experience positive change.