Macdonald Hall Student Spaces | Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics

Macdonald Hall Student Spaces

Guelph’s new home for business emphasizes the core objectives of hands-on learning, social responsibility and community engagement. Students can benefit from study rooms, open concept spaces and learning areas that promote collaboration and teamwork. 

First floor

Paul MacPherson Marketplace

The marketplace is the heart of the Macdonald Hall. With fair trade coffee brewing at Planet Bean and plenty of seating areas, students can enjoy a place to work collaboratively or independently. Student services, including the BComm Counselling Office and the Business Career Development Centre make it a convenient location for students to get the academic and career assistance they need.

Team Learning Rooms

Each of our seven study rooms allows for groups of three or more students to have a quiet place to work together. The rooms include a table with six to eight seats, a whiteboard and a monitor with AV cables to allow for easy screen sharing. These study rooms are often busy and book up early.

Group study rooms can be booked using the online booking portal.

Hallway Learning Groups

Tall tables outside of MAC 149 and large couches by the east entrance provide students with a place to study or meet up with friends.

Second floor

CPA Lounge

This study and meeting area located in the heart of the second floor gives students a space for collaborative and independent work, as well as catching up with friends and faculty.

Hallway Learning Groups

The tall tables paired with whiteboards located in these three Hallway Learning Groups give students a way to easily express their ideas or work through problems in an active learning space.

Third floor

Hallway Learning Groups

The third floor learning groups encourage teamwork and creativity. Often used as a quieter group study space, the large tables and couches give students a comfortable place to work.

Student Lounge

The third floor student lounge offers a variety of seating for large and small groups, from two to six people.

Shareable Media Centre

Located in the student lounge, the Steelcase Collaborative Media Centre allows students to share work between their laptop screens with the click of a button. This station is for groups of three or more.