Service of legal documents will be accepted at:

Office of Legal Counsel
Room 403, University Centre
University of Guelph
Guelph, ON
N1G 2W1

Phone:519.824.4120 x 58633

Documents which are related to University business can be sworn or notarized at the Office of Legal Counsel. Documents should not be signed prior to coming to the Office. If the document needs to be certified as a true copy, the original document must be presented at the time of certification. For documents of a personal nature, the City of Guelph provides some services such as swearing an affidavit for a nominal fee. You may call the City at 519.837.5603 for more information. Swearing or notarizing services may also be available through a lawyer’s office or through some private providers.

University staff and faculty can call the Office for help with a University-related question. The degree and nature of the help required will be determined based on the circumstances. The Office does not provide general, non-University-related legal advice.

Contracts, which can include letters of understanding, memoranda of understanding, affiliation agreements, must be signed in accordance with the University’s Signing Authority Policy.

For further information on contracts, please see our FAQs for Contracts.

Under the Canadian Trademarks Act, a trademark can be registered to protect a distinctive word, design or slogan in relation to specific wares or services. Registration can be done by a person or a corporation and is effective for fifteen (15) years. If registration is being done by the University, application is usually done for an Official Mark. An Official Mark provides similar protection of a word, design or slogan but is not restricted to specific wares or services and is not time restricted. Examples would be “University of Guelph” “Changing Lives Improving Life” or “S@GE”. Any academic or administrative units interested in exploring the need for trademark protection should contact the Office.

Registration for an individual domain name is a fairly simple and inexpensive process. However, there are a number of issues to consider if the domain name is for university-related activity, if an individual wishes to link or point their domain name to a University site or if a University domain name registration is challenged. For further information, contact the University’s Webmaster at ext 56579.

The key to identifying whether any issues arise as a result of sitting on an external board is to be clear as to the capacity in which you sit on the Board; do you sit as a representative of the University or in your individual capacity? The answer to that question may affect the level of participation you may have, potential conflicts of interest that may arise and whether there are concerns about personal liability coverage. If there are questions or concerns, please contact the Office.