"Brown Bag" Seminars MCB*6500 and MCB*7500

Graduate Seminars (Brown Bag) MCB*6500/MCB*7500

All graduate students registered in the MCB*6500 and MCB*7500 courses are required to participate in and attend the graduate seminar presentations.

Graduate Seminar Grading Forms (for faculty use)
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Fall 2017 Schedule

All seminars will be held on Fridays at 12:00 noon in SSC 2315

September 8 at noon - The first class will be an introductory meeting with the teaching team: Dr. Lucy Mutharia (coordinator), Dr. Chris Whitfield, Dr. Joe Colasanti and Dr. Nina Jones

September 22 - Laura Tempelhagen (Co-advisors:  J. Wood / S. Seah)

September 29 - Sharlaine Harris (Advisor:  L. Mutharia)

Fri. Oct. 6 - no seminar this week

October 13 - Caroline Ganobis (Advisor:  E. Allen-Vercoe)

October 20 - Maritza Vatta (Advisor:  R. Merrill)

October 27 - Abdalla Albeely (Advisor:  M. Perreault)