Research Lab Guide

MICR*3260 Lab Guide of activities and submissions
Labs In the Lab... ...the week's activities... ... the submissions...

You are done!

Lab 1 Research Lab 1... ...following Lab 1... do...

No lab meetings this week

By Friday of Week 1, pick a topic by emailing the reference for your review article to Dr. Wood.

Lab 2 Research Lab 2... ...following Lab 2... do...

Research Article Selection : With your partner, find a research article for analysis, read it and ask Dr. Wood to approve it.

List the methods employed by the authors of your article.

Before Lab 3, deposit your research article (as a pdf) in the Courselink Dropbox. If you do not deposit your article and receive Dr. Wood's approval of your selection, your Lab Reports will not be graded.

Lab 3 Research Lab 3... ...following Lab 3... do...

Methods: Identify sources that explain the methods used by the researchers.  Choose 1 (each!) to explain in Report 1. Ask your TA to approve it.

Read the information you've obtained during Lab 3, compile your (referenced) Method list and write your explanation of a key method for Report 1

On entering Lab 4, submit a hard copy of your typed Method List (without references) to your TA (2 marks).

Lab 4 Research Lab 4... ...following Lab 4... do...

Who,Where, Why?: Determine who did the research, where, why and with what support.

Before Lab 5, enter your report on research publications by your authors (PubMed output) in the Courselink Dropbox (1 mark).

Lab 5 Research Lab 5... ...following Lab 5... do...

Intellectual Background: What did people know/think when the research was done? Search for relevant review and research articles.

Read the information collected during Lab 5.

Summarize the "intellectual" context of the research for Report 1 and compile your Report. Submit Report 1!

Reading Week

Lab 6 Research Lab 6... ...following Lab 6... do...

Experimental Results: What experiments were done, and what were the results?

Study the research results.

Summarize the Results for Report 2.

Lab 7 Research Lab 7... ...following Lab 7... do...

Interpretation: How did the authors interpret their own experimental data?

Study the authors' interpretation of their results.

Summarize the authors' interpretation of their results for Report 2

Lab 8 Research Lab 8... ...following Lab 8... do...

Subsequent Research/ Applications: Identify sources that describe subsequent research and/or applications of this research.

Study the subsequent work and applications of the research. Compile Report 2.

Before submitting your Report, enter the list of articles that cited your research article in the Courselink Dropbox (Citation Index output, 1 mark). Submit Report 2!