Master of Science in Marketing and Consumer Studies Theses

Our M.Sc. courses prepare students to write an original, in-depth thesis on a topic of their choice. Students must select their thesis topic, advisor, and committee members during the second semester of study (as they are completing their Winter courses).

Faculty and student responsibilities regarding thesis work.

Examples of M.Sc. in Marketing and Consumer Studies graduate student theses


  • Rosanna Totino, "Text me... Maybe. A Goal Driven Mobile Advertising Model", MSc. Advisor, Vinay Kanetkar
  • Justin McManus, "Cognitive Function and Beliefs in Luck in the Consumer Context", MSc. Advisor, Vinay Kanetkar, MSc. Co-Advisor, Theodore Noseworthy
  • Jennifer Alvarado, "Are you a Lover or a Hater? The Impact of the Brand Polarization Marketing Strategy on the Miracle Whip Facebook Brand Community", M.Sc. Advisor, May Aung
  • Ran Yang, "How Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Attributes Affect Consumer Purchase Intention", M.Sc. Advisor, Towhidul Islam
  • Fangzhou Xu, "Influence of Perceived Risk on Core Innovation Adoption: The Role of Social Influence in Managing Uncertainty", M.Sc. Advisor, Towhidul Islam
  • Neesha Mathew, "Use of Food Signals and Its Influence on Consumer Choice", M.Sc. Advisor, Vinay Kanetkar


  • Alex Maranduik, "It Smells Good But Feels Bad:  The Cross Cueing Effects of Olfactory Induced Emotion on Self-Regulation", M.Sc. Advisor, Vinay Kanetkar
  • Scott Connors, "Consumed by Identity:  The Role of Psychosocial Development in the Consumption Consellations of Emerging Adults", M.Sc. Advisor, Tim Dewhirst
  • Rebecca Shabaga, "Predicting Persistence:  An Examination of Two Critical Indicators of Brand Relationship Strength", M.Sc. Advisor, Theo Noseworthy
  • Suzanne Rath, "You’ve Got a Friend in Me: Including the Brand in the Self through Brand Relationships", M.Sc. Advisor, Tanya Mark
  • Vera Bogdanovich, "Self-Determination Motivation and Perceived Barriers in the Vegetable Eating Context", M.Sc. Advisor, Vinay Kanetkar and Sunghwan Yi
  • Sarah Malik, "Effect of Nutrition Information Disclosure on a Restaurant Menu and Consumer Food Choice", M.Sc. Advisor, Vinay Kanetkar
  • Amy Faria, "Consumer Attitudes Towards Counterfeit Goods:  The Case of Canadian and Chinese Consumers", M.Sc. Advisor, Anne Wilcock and Scott Colwell
  • Alexandra Sponga, "Competing Smartphone brands:  Understanding brand rivalry between two brand communities", M.Sc. Advisor, May Aung


  • Adriana Cordeiro Socha, "The influence of the culture dimension 'Power distance' on product choice:  A  cross cultural exploration of effects of country of origin on the choice of branded products", M.Sc. Advisor, Brent McKenzie
  •  Tyler Hummel, "Left at the gate:  A discrete choice model of fan attendance in the canadian football league", M.Sc. Advisor, Vinay Kanetkar
  •  Josh D'Alvise, "An investigation into the persuasiveness of puffery in advertising:  A mixed method approach", M.Sc. Advisor Tim Dewhirst
  •  Nancy Deng, "Colour Symbolism:  Image Congruence Effects on Automobile Colour Preferences", M.Sc. Advisor Vinay Kanetkar
  •  Jenna-Lee Shuster, "Consumer responses to food television programming", M.Sc. Advisor Karen Finlay
  •  Katelyn McDougall, "'Pop Culture':  An exploratory study of the consumer - firm relationship in the popchips facebook community", M.Sc. Advisor May Aung
  •  Rui Zhang, "Buy for yourself or but for others?  The role of label images and bottle forms on consumers' perception of icewine", M.Sc. Advisor Lefa Teng
  •  Katharina Goellner, "Brand Community Duty - The Role of Duty in Brand Communities", M.Sc. Advisor Tanya Mark
  •  Kevin Chang, "The Effect of Facility Aesthetics and Music on Behavioural Intention Through Emotion in the Upscale Restaurant Environment", M.Sc. Advisor Karen Finlay


  • Salma Aziz, "Investigating the Single Category Belief Problem In a Hybrid Product", M.Sc. Advisor Towhidul Islam                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Tatiana Astray, "Why Buy Counterfeit Luxury Goods?  The Influence of Symbolic Goals on Consumption", M.Sc. Advisor Towhid Islam                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Christopher Oldfield, "Perceived Motivations and Attitudes of Snowboarders Towards Personal Protective Equipment (Helmets) and The Potential Implementation of Legislation", M.Sc. Advisor  May Aung
  • Yutong She, "When Looks Can Be Deceiving:  Effects of Aesthetic Forms on Consumer Preference for Utilitarian and Hedonic Attributes", M.Sc. Advisor Towhidul Islam
  • Kenneth Field, "Exploring the Value of Add-On Features:  An Expected Benefit Versus Informational Value Comparison", M.Sc. Advisor Tanya Mark
  • Crystal Sarantoulias, "Exploring Consumers' Use of Nutritional Cues in Food Choices:  A Discrete Choice Experiment", M.Sc. Advisor Vinay Kanetkar
  • Cristan Brown, "Exploring Menu Labelling and Consumer Choice at Chain Restaurants:  A Discrete Choice Experiment" M.Sc. Advisor Vinay Kanektar
  • Elaina Lozinski, "Coping With Shame and Guilt Following Diet Violation in Restricted Eaters", M.Sc. Advisor Sunghwan Yi
  • Dana Worden, "Response, Attributions of Blame and Corporate Reputation During a Product-Harm Crisis:  A Quantitative Exploratory". M.Sc. Advisor Anne Wilcock
  • Simon Audet, "Assessing the Impact of Different Auction Formats on Revenues:  A Field Experiment", M.Sc. Advisor Vinay Kanetkar
  • Kirsten Bester, "The Role of Message Framing, Involvement, and End-State on Persuasion of Gambling Messages", M.Sc. Advisor Karen Finlay
  • Scott McCreary, "Consuming A Lifestyle:  An Exploration of the Associative Network Structure of Consumption Constellations", M.Sc. Advisor Tim Dewhirst


  • Amarinder Bedi, "Why Is Organic Food an Enigma to Consumers", M.Sc. Advisor Vinay Kanetkar
  • Kyle Kivimaki, "Toward a Scale for Categorizing Donor Engagement Levels:  Development and Tests", M.Sc. Advisor Paulette Padanyi
  • Kejia Wu, "Netnographic Study of iPhone Users:  Business Affiliated and Consumer Initiated Online Sites", M.Sc. Advisor May Aung
  • Monica El Gamal, "Activation of Gambling Outcome Expectancies an Exploratory Study", M.Sc. Advisor Sunghwan Yi
  • Kristin Terzis, "An In-depth Investigation Into What Influences Primary Household Shoppers to Purchase and Use Green Products", M.Sc. Advisor May Aung
  • Kevin O'Doherty, "Cause Related Marketing:  An Identification of Relevant Attributes", M.Sc. Advisor Vinay Kanetkar
  • Jordana King, "Rhetorical Figures in Food Advertising:  Implied Claims and Policy Challenges", M.Sc. Advisor Tim Dewhirst
  • Todd Stewart, " An Investigation on How Fear Affects Evaluation of New and Status Quo Proposed Solutions", M.Sc. Advisor May Aung
  • Jia Li, "Private Labels and National Brands:  A Case Study of Canadian Tire", M.Sc. Advisors Brent McKenzie and May Aung
  • Alyssa Rodrigo-Rahemtulla, "Measuring the Effects of Pictorial and Text Message Processing on Memory and Gambling Intentions Within A Casino Environment", M.Sc. Advisor Karen Finlay
  • Ashley van Herten, “  The role of superusers in a virtual brand community”, M.Sc. Advisor May Aung    


  • Rita Patel, “Measuring the Effects of Multiple Frames on Behavioural Intentions: A Discrete Choice Experiment”, Advisors Towhidul Islam and Vinay Kanetkar
  • Sirui Guo, “The Effects of Temporal Distance and Social Distance on Consumer Preference and Preference Consistency: A Discrete Choice Experimental Approach”, Advisors Towhidul Islam and Vinay Kanetkar
  • Keeshan Selvakumar, “Willingness to Pay a Premium for Group Names as a Measure of Reference Group Influence”, Advisors Sunghwan Yi and Paul Anglin
  • Joseph Hui, “An Exploratory Investigation of Student Motivations for Playing Online vs. Face-to-face Poker”, M.Sc., Advisor May Aung
  • Brenda Uhm, “Cause-Related Marketing: Consumer Motivations for Helping Behaviour”, M.Sc., Advisor May Aung
  • Carolyn Lane, “Understanding the Values of Young Adult Volunteers”, M.Sc., Advisor Paulette Padanyi
  • Judith Glynn Williams, “Marketing Passion: Intrinsic Motivation Drives Producers of Standard red Race Horses in A Troubled Industry” M.Sc., Advisors Paul Anglin and May Aung
  • Kevin Richards, “Tobacco and Alcohol as Product Complements”, MSc., Advisors Timothy Dewhirst and May Aung
  • Michael Clarke, "Corporate and Societal Rationalization:  The Impact of Efficiency Predictability, Calculability and Artificial Control on Consumption and Communication." M.Sc. Advisor Vinay Kanetkar
  • Linlin Du, "Testing the Linkage Between Brand Personality and Consumer Traits Across Global Brands and Store Brands." M.Sc. Advisor Lefa Teng
  • Fabian Nwaoha, fit or Signal:  A Consumers' Evaluation of Brand Alliance." M.Sc. Advisor Vinay Kanetkar
  • Lavin Mohan, “The Effect of Novelty and Creativity for Contextual Product Placement on Consumer Brand Attitudes” M.Sc., Advisor Vinay Kanetkar
  • Gail Leizerovici, “The Role of Values and Information in Ethical Consumption” M.Sc., Advisors Towhidul Islam and Vinay Kanetkar


  • Juan Wang, "Exploring Determinants of New Product Features Adoption Using Discrete Choice Experiments (DCE) and Structural Equation Models (SEM)." M.Sc. Advisor Towhidul Islam
  • Nathaneal Abel, "Slot Machine Characteristics Their Impact On At-Risk Gambling Intentions and The Illusion of Control." M.Sc. Advisor Karen Finlay
  • Alison Ku, "The Impact of Health Advertising On Health Risk Perceptions And Behavioural Intention." M.Sc. Advisor Towhidul Islam
  • Filip Rokitnick-Wojtek, "The Role of Product Conscpicousness and Consumers' Need For Uniqueness On The Customization of Product Attributes." M.Sc. Advisor Lefa Teng
  • Lindsay Holland, "Perceived Values, Attitudes and Purchase Behaviours:  Mothers' Consumption of Educational Toys." M.Sc. Advisor May Aung
  • Lena Lam, "Modeling Pro-Social Behaviour:  Influences on Compliance in an Environmental Context." M.Sc. Advisor Paulette Padanyi
  • Angel Leamen, "Persistence, Frustration & Music in Gambling:  How Cognitive Overload Can Help Problem Gamblers." M.Sc. Advisor Karen Finlay
  • Theodore Noseworthy, "The Bambi Effect:  The Moderating Role of Thematic Positioning On Congruity - Based Product Judgment." M.Sc. Advisor Towhidul Islam
  • Claudia Lopez-Garcia, "Water Supply Structures: Consumer Response to Price Structures." M.Sc. Advisor Vinay Kanetkar


  • Donovan Cox, "Measuring Corporate Viability: A Dialectical Approach." M.Sc. Advisor Anne Wilcock
  • Emily Christofides, Stereotyping Over Instant Messenger:  The Effects of Gender and Context." M.Sc. Advisor Towhidul Islam
  • Amalia Zisu, "Loyalty for Sale:  Customer's Response to a Reward's Design." M.Sc. Advisor Vinay Kanetkar


  • Greg Nevins, “Student Perceptions of Learning and Skills Development Via Web Enhanced Learning” M.Sc., Advisor Towhidul Islam
  • Karl Spencer, "Stop Watching Television: It Might Make You Happy." M.Sc. Advisor Vinay Kantekar
  • Deepak Mehmi, "If You Write It Down Does It Really Mean You Remember It?" M.Sc. Advisor Vinay Kanetkar
  • Moira Teed, "Sympathetic Magic and Gambling:  Perceptions of Luck Contagion Held by Those with Low versus High CPGI Scores." M.Sc. Advisor May Aung
  • Mei Chen Lee, "Too See, Hear, or Both? Sensory Cue Effects on Memory." M.Sc. Advisor May Aung
  • Chris Norman, “Thee Effects of Benefits Information on Labels and Subjective Knowledge on Willingness to Pay for Genetically Modified Foods” M.Sc., Advisor Karen Finlay
  • Doug Adlam, "The Influence of Label Information and Motivation on Purchase Intent for Bottled Water Products." M.Sc. Advisor Scott Colwell
  • Sameer Goswami, “Expensive By The Dozen? Consumer Response to Quantity Surcharge” M.Sc., Advisor Vinay Kanetkar
  • Wade Zhu, "The Effect of Including/Excluding Packaging Attributes on Consumer Product Choice:  An Empirical Study For New Food Packaging." M.Sc. Advisor Lefa Teng


  • Alison Holden, "Service Convenience Scale Development and the Examination of its Impact on Service Provider Satisfaction." M.Sc. Advisor Scott Colwell
  • Jane Guo, "The Selection of Wedding Gifts: The Gift Giving Perspective of English Canadians",
  • M.Sc. Advisor May Aung
  • Xiying Zhang, The Changing Gift-Giving Practices of Chinses Immigrants in Canada” M.Sc., Advisor May Aung and Lefa Teng


  • Ou Sha, "An Exploratory Study of Gay Professional's Clothing Consumption Behaviour", M.Sc. Advisor May Aung
  • Lei Xia, "An Empirical Study of the Magnitude and Sources of Consumer Confusion About the Company of Origin of Consumer Package Goods”, M.Sc. Advisor John Liefeld
  • Courtney Bulmer, "Strategic Alliances and Innovation in the Food Industry of Southwestern Ontario”,
  • M.Sc. Advisor Anne Wilcock
  • Chris Keillor, "Measuring The Effectiveness Of Field Sponsorship On Implicit and Explicit Memory Test”,
  • M.Sc. Advisor Karen Finlay
  • Melanie Lang, “The Interaction Between Beliefs & Evaluations of Milk: Application of the Theory of Reasoned Action” M.Sc., Advisor Vinay Kanetkar