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May 10, 2004

OVC to be featured on national news program

The Ontario Veterinary College will be featured on CTV’s W-FIVE Saturday at 7 p.m.

A news team from the Gemini Award-winning current affairs program spent a week at OVC’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital in March. They interviewed faculty, students and clients and filmed patients receiving a variety of services, including cancer treatments, and followed some rare and complex cases into the operating room.

The episode will also be previewed on CTV News Wednesday at 10 p.m.

“OVC is very proud of what it does in training veterinary students and providing care to the animal-owning public,” says U of G hospital director Chris Brown, a clinical studies professor.

“We were glad to share what we do with a nationwide audience. The crew was able to film a wide range of activities, and they were interested in many things that, to us, are everyday activities. For example, it was a surprise to them that OVC has a blood donation program, where we collect blood and give transfusions to animals, and that we have an intensive care unit where we provide highly specialized and intense care around the clock.”

In a news release, CTV said the hour-long episode featuring the teaching hospital “introduces viewers to the incredible efforts that people make to save, improve or prolong the life of their animal companions.”

W-FIVE goes behind the scenes at one of the most prestigious medical institutes in the country to observe first-hand the incredible advances in medicine and their application pets. What the crew found was a hospital full of emotional stories, some of them heartbreaking.”

The network said some of the stories viewers will see include those of Waffles, the chinchilla; Roberta, the racehorse; a wild falcon; Badger, a beloved family dog; Sasha, the blood-donating Rhodesian ridgeback; and Buddie, the paraplegic dog, who works as a teaching aid for students.

W-FIVE is Canada’s highest-rated current affairs program and is renowned for its investigative reports, in-depth treatments of breaking news stories and inspirational personal stories.

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