Health Care

Student getting physio

Ways to feel better!

 Visit a Doctor

Make an appointment to speak with a doctor or psychiatrist regarding your health. 

 Visit a Nurse

Nurses are available to answer health related questions without an appointment. 


Physiotherapists are available to assess and treat orthopedic, sports and activity related injuries.

 Massage Therapy

Registered massage therapists are available to assess and treat any conditions involving your muscles.


If you are experiencing soft tissue or joint related dysfunctions, you may benefit from osteopathy.


Pedorthists are available to assess and treat conditions of the feet and legs with custom made orthotics and footwear.

 Sports Medicine

Sports medicine physicians are available to diagnose and treat both acute and chronic injuries.

 Athletic Therapy

Athletic therapy is available to varsity athletes.

 Health and Dental Plan

Explore your health and dental benefits provided through your tuition or learn more about opting out. Covers dental, physiotherapy, chiropractic and more!

More Ways to Support Your Health...

Fuel Your Body

Talk with a dietitian, join a healthy eating program, or attend a cooking class.Find ways to fuel your body.

Get Active

Sign up for an intramural team, attend a fitness class, or find a recreational activity. Find ways to get active.

Counselling & Support

Speak with a counsellor, chat with a peer, or attend a therapy group to talk about about anything on your mind.Find ways to get support.