Healthy Living


  • Get information, support, and guidance from registered dietitians to achieve your lifestyle goals.
  • Work with registered physiotherapists, registered dietitians and performance coaches that will help you achieve your individual health and performance goals.

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  • Meet with staff members for spiritual guidance and personal support from Jewish, Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, and those of no particular faith.

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  • Workout at the University's cardio room or strength training rooms with an assortment of equipment.
  • Sign up for any number of Athletic's instructional classes including Yoga, Dance, Cycle, TRX, Martial Arts, and Sports Classes.

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Campus Safety

  • Use the Safe Walk button on any Bell pay phone or the emergency blue pole phones on campus to call a student when walking alone after dark.
  • The campus community police service is located on campus, and available whenever an emergency occurs.

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  • Everything you need to know about living on campus.
  • Review featured rental listings and have your questions answered at the information desk.

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