The Autism Collection of the Kitchener Public Library is a special, regionally-accessible, resource of materials in all formats intended for the informational, instructional and research needs of the general public on this disorder. This unique collection includes resources for researchers, health workers as well as individuals and families who work and live with autism spectrum disorders. Both genders and all ages are reflected in the collection. Classic works in the field will be acquired and retained in the collection for continuity and research purposes. Biographies, children’s books, and fiction as well as multimedia, video and DVD materials are included when deemed important to a resource collection on this disorder.

The collection is housed beside the HealthLink area of the Research Services Department upstairs at the Main Library. All formats are at this one location. Clients who wish to check out materials from this collection will require a KPL Borrower’s Card or a KPL Special Borrower’s Card. The Special Borrower’s card will be issued at the Borrower’s Services Desk to any requesting individual from the regions of Waterloo, Wellington, and Dufferin, who posseses correct identification and a proof of address. There is no charge to obtain this card. The special card may only be used to check out materials from the Autism Collection. All of these items are marked M-Aut and have a special spine label icon and book donation label. Customers may request items through Inter-Library Loan as well, as per normal procedures.

This important resource has been made possible through the generous donation of the Waterloo Wellington Autism Services organization, and with advice from Elizabeth Bloomfield. 

How to Contact Us:
Autism Collection
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InfoLink: (519) 743-7502
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